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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Booga Finished

Well, I'm slow but I finally downloaded this pic from my camera so I could show her off. She could probably due with one more round in the wash (I'm starting to be able to see stitch detail) but I really like the size and don't want her to shrink anymore so I think she'll have to do as she is.

Bottoms Up

Bottoms up got about 7 rows done in the brim when I realized I wasn't paying attention when I joined the brim and there was a TWIST in it. GRRRR. So, she's been frogged for the last time *fingers crossed* and I will attempt her again tonight. I even thought about ensuring there were no twists when I joined the two but as I was working it out I forgot why I thought that was so important and stopped. Dang, dang, dang. Super T was fabulous and helped me wind the frog back into balls (again, he helped the night before too). He did giggle a bit but was so sweet about it (he knew I was upset). That made it much better.

Knitting Policy

I've started a new knitting policy with the fam. I've decided if they want me to make them something they have to get me a picture (pattern would be better) and an idea of what color they want it to be and then I'll make it. I love making them all things but I hate the idea of becoming that relative that you get things from and hate. You smile and say it's wonderful because you know it took them a long time to make and obviously they thought it was fantastic. But then it goes in the closet to be taken out when they visit you. The horror!!


Who you callen a bjerk? *heehee*. I love this sweater and look forward to making it. I ordered the yarn yesterday. Some of it is on backorder so it may be a while before I begin but I'm very much looking forward to it anyway. Wendy is hosting an Ingeborg knitalong and I'm not comfortable with my ability to make that pattern, even though it's exquisite, so I decided to pick another Dale sweater and make it while they are making Ingeborg. Hopefully it won't be so different from the one everyone else is making that everyone gets all annoyed with my "off-topic" questions.


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