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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

FMB Finished
Here and here are some pics of the very sad felted FMB. I actually like it quite a bit except for how "soggy" it seems. My DH was wonderful enough to help hold it up for one photo. I think I may toss it in the machine again tonight for one more round (or two) since you can still see quite a bit of stitch definition and to help it shrink and firm up a bit. That was what a wonderful lady recommended at my LYS today at lunch. She and I determined that if that additional round or two in the washer doesn't work out I may be out of luck. The wool I bought was very light in color and I've read, lighter colors don't felt as well due to the process used to lighten them. So even though I dyed them to a darker color, it still may not felt quite as well as a different yarn might have. We shall just have to see how the additional cycles do.

I love lunch at my LYS. The store is very accommodating to folks that want to just walk in an knit for a little while. How relaxing!

I'm still having issues getting gauge for my diamond sweater. I'll get there one day. I can't remember ever having this much trouble before. Then again, I don't know that I've done a gauge swatch every time I should have .

Since my first bag was a learning experience, I can't wait to start the next one. I plan to make the booga bag. I bought some Noro yarn just for this occasion but then chickened out and decided to make the FMB first to get all the kinks out of my plans.


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