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Thursday, April 08, 2004

No posting yesterday. Too busy handling spam complaints. I'll be very glad when our abuse guy gets back.

Knitting Update
I finally got gauge on my Vogue sweater and have started working on it. It is by far the most complicated pattern I've ever tried but I am having fun doing it. I just hope it turns out as cute as I'd like.
The FMB has finished blocking and can be seen here. I'm VERY happy with the additional shrinkage. It has firmed up nicely. Hooray. Now I know I just need to be a little more patient with my felting.
I'm working on a blankie for critter knitters and a square for the afganalong too. I found the Vogue pattern to be too complicated for chatting-while-knitting so I have those items going so I don't end up being the quiet girl that keeps ripping out her work. :D

New Car
I'm so happy with it so far. It's a zippy little thing. Still needs a name but I'm sure I can recruit some help thinking of one.


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