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Monday, April 05, 2004

Weekend Knitting
I got some decent knitting time in this weekend. At least I finished my blankie for the critter knitters. Should be able to get those mailed off early this week. Tami will be disappointed those blankies were not for her, but she doesn't really need more toys or blankies.
Mouse in the house
Tami loves to find new friends to play with. The problem is she like to bring them in the house to play. Crickets and moths I can handle, mostly because they are left in the middle of the floor and we can take care of them. She has now discovered the fun of mice. It's a small guy and at first I mistook him (I'm sincerely hoping its a him anyway) for one of her little toys until it took off running down the hallway. About this time I was standing on any available furniture trying to get the cat to understand that the mouse was no longer in the room she was guarding, but in the other room hiding and catching his breath. He hasn't been seen since. %*$&* mouse.
I bought a new car on Friday. She's a little blue 2004 Toyota Corolla S. She's so purdy! I'll have to link some photos in the next day or so. I also need to think of a name for her. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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