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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Knittin' Weekend

I got alot of knitting done this weekend. No pics till Tom gets back though because he took the camera rafting. I am now quite a bit farther on the Vogue Sweater, although it really does take a long time to work on. I can get about 3 diamonds done in an hour if I don't get distracted and mess them up. I started doing that alot near the end of Saturday so I decided that it was time to move along.

I cast on my second bottoms up hat and got a few rows of the brim done. Its going to be so cute when it's done. The variegation in the yarn are lining up really neat and should give it a cool striped look.

I also started on Gigi. I did my gauge swatch and got gauge the first try. I love it when that happens. I'm really loving the yarn too. It's very soft and pleasant to knit with. The pattern is knit mostly in the round, which is another bonus because I hate sewing the pieces together. It's a sad thing but I really do put that part off as long as I can. One of the sweaters I knit up sat in a pile of completed pieces for well over a month because I didn't want to sew in the ends and sew it together.

The critter-knitters blankie is coming along. I've decided that is my "computer" work. I leave it on my desk and when I'm sitting there waiting for it to finish something I work on it. Works for me.

I know I'm on a yarn diet but... That doesn't mean I'm starving myself. :D I had a crappy day at work and an even crappier weekend at work so I decided to make up for it by getting some Colinette Giotto for the tank in Vogue Knitting's summer magazine. It is wonderful stuff and I can't wait to get started on it.

This is really neat. Check it out. PANTONEbirthdayCOLOR Mine is Starlight Blue (October 14th). I don't really agree with the statement but I love the color. :D


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