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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Knitting Update

Had family in town over the weekend but I did get some good knitting time in. I'll have to post photos later today.

Gigi has her first sleeve done. It's beautiful. I should be starting sleeve #2 tonight.

V-Neck is nearly there. I've decided that I'm just going to knit in St st for the straps in a rows of about 5 sts rather than doing an I-cord. I needs another inch or two and then should be in great shape. It's just wide enough to make me feel better.

We spent a good deal of time outside the other night. A friend of ours made a telescope and we had it out in the back yard. It's a bit funny looking but has amazing magnification. You can't even look at the entire moon at the same time. It is incredible because you can see such detail on the bit you are looking at. We looked at all sorts of stars, many of which are two stars but look like only one without the magnification.

I have just finished a very pleasant book and thought I'd share. It's titled The Eyre Affair and is a science fiction novel about a special agent in England that has to track down a man that has stolen Jane Eyre from the novel. The name and cover of the book lend it a "romance" that isn't there. Apparently there are three novels to this series already and I plan to stop by the library tonight and pick up book #2 (Lost in a Good Book).


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