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Friday, May 07, 2004

Photo Updates

The camera made it back safe and sound with Thomas (also safe and sound). They had a good trip and he took bunches of photos. With them both back I decided to catch the shutter-bug from him and take some photos of the WIPs.

Here is a shot of the yummy Colinette I bought for the V-Neck Tank from the Spring/Summer '04 Vogue. I didn't get around to casting on last night but that is ok. I got the ball wound in record time thanks to help from friends and proceeded to work on other things. This weekend sounds like it should start off relatively quiet so there should be some good knitting time in there.

The bottoms up bucket #2 is striping up really neat and I hope it continues. We shall see. If this one goes as fast as the last one I may have it finished this weekend. I heard Tom trying on my other one and giggling about how it was cool but he wishes it were a different color. I may sneak and make him one after I finish this one. You never know what kind of madness will possess me.

I started Gigi last weekend and got about this far (sorry about the fuzzy photo). I've decided to bench her until the 15th since that is the official start date of the Gigi-knit-along. Plus, I want to get some of these other projects out of the way before I really get going on it. Stella has started a yahoo group for the knitalong. If you are interested in joining visit here.

The diamond pullover is coming along nicely as well. I am a bit concerned about what magic I'll need to use when it comes to getting it to fit. I never got exact gauge but because of the way it is knit I ended up using the needles that gave me the best diamond. I think the diamonds are a bit smaller than the gauge would get me if I'd gotten it so I'm defiantly going to have to do some math to get all the pieces to work together AND fit.

Last but not least is the broadripple sock I'm working on. It's a Knitty pattern and can be found here. I'm having fun with it so far but it lives lower on the list than most other things I want so it isn't seeing much progress.

Items not photographed include the Afghans for Afghans square I'm working on cause it's boring. And the critter knitters blankie which looks just like the last photo except a little bigger. Boring again.
I hope everyone has a wonderful knit filled weekend!


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