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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I haven't had much time to knit since this weekend BUT I did manage to take a photo of the new V-Neck Tank I'm working on.

I absolutely love how this tank is coming! The Giotto is gorgeous and I really enjoy working with the tape yarn. I have never tried a tape yarn until now and it's really different. I've read a lot of posts out there on the wide-web about people that try and keep the ribbon straight while they knit with it. I don't even see how that is possible. Maybe it is different with different types of tape yarn. It would have to be. This stuff is impossible to keep from folding over. It's also harsher on my hands than many other yarns I've used. I wouldn't trade it for something softer though. There is no comparison in the colors from Colinette and anything else I've found. This is definitely a "spoil-me" tank. Yipee!

The critter knitter blankie is almost done. I should be able to finish that this week. Then I can start a new one. I enjoy leaving something to work on by the computer. So much of what I do on the computer involves sitting there for extended periods waiting for something to upload, download, install, or lock up. It gives me something to do so I don't keep clicking impatiently and getting angry and why it takes so long.

My bottoms up is coming along. I've gotten distracted by the V-Neck tank. The weather has been so nice for the last few days all I think about is having this tank to wear so it's taken priority. I also have quite a bit of trouble managing the two strands of yarn at the same time. It tires out my hands quite quickly. Just a few more rounds and I'll be back to one strand at a time and then I should be able to fly right through it. My MIL borrowed the first one I made when she was up this weekend. She is definitely a hat person and has requested one of her very own when I have the time. I'll have to figure out a nice way to make it super-special for her.

Well, back to work. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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