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Thursday, May 20, 2004


The V-Neck is *this* close to being done except for one thing. I hate the I-cord straps. I made them shorter than the directions stated and they were still about 2 inches too long. I tried shortening them but really dislike how they look. I'm going to change the straps around a little and see if I can get a more agreeable solution. I have plenty of yarn left so I'm thinking I should be able to do some wider straps. This will be my first attempt at modifying a pattern so I'm pretty excited about it. Who knows what is next... designing my own things? How fun!

Gigi is coming along nicely. I was angry with the V-Neck last night so I worked on my sleeve for Gigi. Absolutly love the yarn I'm using for this. GGH Davos is very soft and kind of squishy (can't think of a better word for it). Gigi is a great pattern and I'm having alot of fun knitting it. It knits up pretty fast too.

I haven't re-cast on for Bottoms Up #2. I'm thinking I'll wait on that until the V-Neck is finished. My little (ha, I say little) WIP bag is overflowing so I need to get some things out of it. Diamond sweater is also feeling a bit ignored. I get a square done here or there but it's slow going so I'm trying not too worried about it.

Well thats the knitting news from my corner of the world. I hope everyone else out there is having a great time. Keep on knitting!


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