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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


I finished knitting Gigi last night. She needs the ends sewed in and to be blocked (I'll take care of that tonight) and then I'll post some FO pictures. Hooray!! I ended up going with an off-white contrast color. On the knit-a-long someone had posted that to get the ribbing around the neck to look nicer they had done a knit round in the smaller needles before starting the ribbing. I whole-heartedly agree that this made it look much neater.

I think next I will concentrate on Bjerk. I have been dying to start on this and made myself wait until I had at least one of the sweaters I was already working on finished. It will be my first fair isle but I think it will be easy enough. There are only a few small areas where the fair isle even comes into play, the rest is pretty straightforward stockinette stitch.

I've been playing around with my idea for a short sleeve shirt (my first foray into the design world) and think I've got it worked out how I'd like it to look. I just need to sit down and do the math to be sure of how it will turn out in reality. I want to make sure the ribbing shows up how I'd like. I'm gaining greater and greater respect for all those designers out there. This is tough.

Enough rambling. Photos tomorrow. I promise!


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