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Monday, June 28, 2004

Hate to choose

Not much knitting done last weekend. Spent a great deal of time by the river trying to finish my library book before it was due back. I hate having to choose between knitting and reading (my two favorite activities) and usually don't have to.

I have found that listening to books relieves the requirement that I have to choose between reading and knitting. If you are interested in a FANTASTIC book club check out Audible. I have been a member for a few years now and have only been upset with them once, which they promptly remedied. I do pick up the occasional library book (when I don't feel like buying one or they don't have the one I want) but for the most part I listen. The other wonderful feature is the mp3 player. I don't have to be tied to a CD player or cassette player like I do when I get audio books from the library. *As I re-read through this I realize it sounds very much like a sales pitch so I want to add that I'm not affiliated with Audible in any way other than being a satisfied customer for the last few years.

So... the minor knitting news I do have would entail that Gigi is about 8 rows from completion (hopefully tonight but I'm much slower doing ribbing than straight stockinette).

I started a new felted bag of my own design. If I like it after it is all finished I'll post the "pattern". I'm making it from Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Bulky in Old Sage(MC) and Lotus Pink(CC). I have to think of a name for it.

Back to work for now. Should have some pics of Gigi soon.


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