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Thursday, June 03, 2004


Knitty magazine has published the article that was delayed in their original release of this issue. It was well worth the wait and has valuable information for knitters in any stage of the craft. Jenna wrote a wonderful document about "Thinking beyond the Pattern" and I am greatly looking forward to her follow up articles in future Knitty issues. I definitely recommend taking a quick look over at Knitty to read it. I found it particularly interesting because, though most of it is common sense, it is often the part that long-time knitters don't pass along because it has become second nature to them to do those things. I thought of quite a few FOs that could have benefited from this information (the people that now own those FOs would agree, I'm sure).

Gigi is coming along slowly but surely. The second sleeve looks much like the first so I haven't bothered with a photo. One interesting and disturbing thing happened last night that I am wondering about. When I started my first sleeve I got out a new ball of yarn, cast on, and finished the sleeve with plenty of yarn to spare (feels like nearly half a ball). I haven't read through the pattern all the way yet so instead of cutting the yarn when I was done, I just got out a new ball and cast on for the second sleeve. I'm probably half way done with the second sleeve and the ball I'm using for it is nearly gone!! I held them up together (the sleeves, not the balls) and I'm making them the same size. I thought for a second that I may have done something wrong but then ruled that out because that never happens *cough*. Anyway, I'm thinking that I've been shorted some yarn in my order. I know that balls are "approximate yardage x" but this is ridiculous. If I could remember who I bought the yarn through I might consider calling them, but I can't and wouldn't know what to say anyway. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

On a happier note, I cast on for a very nice scarf yesterday. I finished my take-along project and decided this would be nice and portable. My take-along has always been something I could just leave in the car in case I had time during my lunch break to go down to my LYS or over to the park and knit. This scarf is being made with Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport in Tuscany and the pattern is the feather and fan scarf courtesy of the lovely Wendy. Lorna's Laces is one of my favorite yarns. In part because my mothers name is Lorna is it's so unusual it always makes me think of her when I knit with it. The other reason is because it comes in so many luscious colors and is so much fun to knit with.


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