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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Knitting, but no Photos

I upgraded my camera software and now can no longer download my pictures. So, while I've been knitting away and have beautiful and wonderful things to share (and yes, even some horrible ugly things too) I can't do so. :(

I have been very busy at work as well and have allowed that to interfere with my blogging, but not my knitting. I finished Elle and have to sew on the handles and the zipper to be complete. I started working on Marions sweater. I LOVE the yarn she picked out. It is wonderful to knit with. And I'm going to have some left over. I may have to make me something with the leftovers. <*cue evil cackle*>

I should be able to start Bjerk now. I feel much more comfortable with fairisle. There are a few rows where I will have to carry three colors and that is a bit tricky but I think I will fare much better this time.

I ordered the new Dale of Norway book (#138) and absolutly fell in love with this sweater. It's totally uninspiring name is Design 2. I'll have to think of a better one when I make her.


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