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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Well the camera works but the software is still out of commission. Fortunately last time I went home, the family wanted to download photos while I was there a bought me a small USB device that I could plug my card into and download directly off the card. So we have photos to share today. Thanks!

Here is a decent shot of Elle. She's a bit floopy around the top but that will be fixed as soon as I get around to sewing in her zipper. I will do this one day. I swear. She's a good stiff fabric, which I was hoping to get since all the other bags I've made are very soft.

And here is Maria. The picture is rather dark but the color is close. It's a lovely sage. This is only the base of the bag and as she is a product of my imagination she may take a little while to finish. There are too many things I could do with this and I have difficulty decided which I'd like best. I am writing down the instructions as I knit in case anyone out there would care for a copy. I know, it's a bit early to commit just yet. :D

And finally Bjerk. She has been my obsession as of late. This is a close up of the fair isle work that is down near the waistline. I finished the boring stokinette and am up to the fair isle work around the chest now. She's coming along nicely. I had started her a while ago, but then decided I was crappy at fair isle. I took an intermission to make Elle (which is knit in fair isle) and frogged Bjerk to re-do the fair isle. I am very pleased with how the second try went. My tension was all off on the first attempt and the little brown spots in the center of the diamonds didn't show up in more than half of the places it should have. *sigh of content*


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