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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

FO Foster

Click on photo to see how long it is...

I managed to finish Foster this weekend. It's incredibly long. I really hope my Dad likes it. He asked for something he could wear with his suits. I picked this one because it lacked tassels (which I don't feel are very masculine) and because it has those neat pockets my hands are tucked into. The photo isn't the best but it's hard to photograph black...
It was also a fast knit. Done on 19s and in a moss stitch so it's fairly mindless. I used Rowan Big Wool for it, which ended up making it a rather pricey for a scarf. It's the only thing my Dad has ever asked me to make for him though and I wanted it to be something nice. It's uber-soft and really warm. I figure if Dad gets too warm wearing it, he can fold it up in his lap like a blanket.


At 8:59 AM, Blogger Dave, Jen, Conor and Lia said...

Hi Michelle --

Thanks for your comment about the Recycled Silk wholesale! I almost bid on some last night, and at the last minute said to myself ... first, finish Klarlaund, then finish Other Projects, then maybe you can indulge ... self-discipline can be hard sometimes. Your blog looks great, and I *love* the colors you picked out for your Klaralund! I'm halfway up the front, still need to do the back ... I think I'll finish soon. See you --


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