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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Heck Yeah!

So, I arrived home after a mediocre day at work to find this!! If you guessed that this is my Silk Garden for Klarlund you are right, boys and girls!

I made myself stop only long enough to get some nice photos of the skeins

and then did my gauge swatch (got gauge on 8s - amazingly enough) and then cast on both sleeves. Yes, both. I've always been leery of trying to do both sleeves at the same time until I came across someone's blog (can't remember who's right this second) where they mentioned that, to make it easier to determine which sleeve they had finished, they pinned the sleeves together. Wow, what a simple solution! I didn't get very far and was much more interested in knitting than taking a picture of what I was knitting so there isn't a photo of how far I got, but I'll post one soon.


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