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Friday, September 17, 2004

Mission Falls

MMMM... Mission Falls Cotton...
This was originally purchased to make "Tank Girl" from Sitch n' Bitch. I cast on and worked on it a bit, and while I love the color I HATE how it's turning out. Because I am a bad-ass knitter, I have decided to exercise my right and reallocate this yarn for something I do like.

I will be making this instead. This pattern, courtesy of Brooks, is available here. Hooray! I've wanted to make this bag since it first came out and just haven't gotten around to buying the supplies. I still need to get the contrast color (I'm thinking a pale yellow.) I'll probably see about returning the rest of it and getting different yarn for "Tank Girl".

I love the name of that tank top. I want to say it like it's some sort of super hero. Da-ti-da!!! It's Tank Girl!! Ha. I'm feeling pretty punchy today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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