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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Poncho Fever

I have decided that working only on sweaters was a bad idea. I needed a fast knit fix so I bought the yarn and took the poncho plunge. (Come on in, the water is fine!) Ann from Knitty Cat designed the cutest asymetrical poncho earlier this summer and it was the perfect thing for my "this sweater is taking forever to knit" doldrums.

Here is a picture of it finished.

Yeah!! It is suprisingly warm despite the holes. I imagine that a good breeze would whip right through it but on cool evenings it would be great. Now I just need cool evenings...

In other news, I have been continuing my work on Bjerk, Maria, and Fluffy (a.k.a Marions' sweater).

I have started a chemo cap for a charity program that is going on in our local area. The yarn is incredibally soft. I hope it is able to brighten someones day.

I also cast on Foster as a gift for my Dad. It's black so I wont even pretend that I'm going to post alot of photos. None of them come out. It is very nice though and I'm hoping my Dad will enjoy years of wearing it.

The Diamond Pullover has been languishing in the corner of the living room. It gives me evil glares on a regular basis but I have remained undetered in working on other things. It will just have to wait. It's a beautiful item but I'm lacking the motivation required to work on it when I have other things on the list I'd rather make.

In Klaralund news, I did get a notice that my yarn shipped yesterday. Yeah!! I can't wait to start on this project.


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