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Monday, September 27, 2004




One of the most upsetting parts of frogging a sweater is how fast it is. It takes forever to make and less than an hour to undo it all...

Well, on to more optimistic thoughts. I have decided what to do differently. I will be doing the plain stockinette with US 4 needles (if I did the math right I'll end up with the actual size the sweater is supposed to be). I'll do the fair isle bits on a US 5 or 6 since I apparently have a hard time "keeping it loose". I will be using the duplicate stitch for the green parts rather than trying to make myself crazy by working with three colors at the same time. I will also rename this poor unfortunately named sweater. I think anything named B-Jerk is destined to be a jerk. New name B-Joy. It'll be great. It'll be beautiful. It'll be finished before this decade is out.


At 12:48 PM, Blogger Dave, Jen, Conor and Lia said...

Oh, so sad, Michelle! I hope the wine helped!



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