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Friday, September 24, 2004

Weekend plans

Well, so sad to report, that Bjerk will be no more at the end of this weekend. I plan on frogging her tomorrow while I consume some wine to console me.
Why would I do such a dastardly thing? Frog an entire sweater, less one sleeve?? Especially one I work so long and hard on? I'll tell you why... It doesn't fit. The picture below is my hand in the sleeve. It is as far as I can get my hand into the sleeve as a matter of fact. Great...

I was nearly done with my first sleeve when I notice that I may not have enough yarn to finish the sweater. I got quite down about this, as I didn't think I'd be able to find the yarn I needed in the same dye lot that I was already working with. I was sitting there despondently looking at my uncompleted sleeve when I started thinking about the pattern. The pattern had called for US size 3 and 4 needles. But had also specified 3.5 and 2.5 mm needles. According to my needles (I have heard that they can vary by manufacturer) those mm ranges correlate to a US 4 and 2. I applied my logic and decided to use the 2s as this is a Norwegian pattern and so the mm sizes must be the more logical choice. Hmpf.

Turns out that there were a few additional contributing factors to my sizing dilemma. Gauge for this was 6sts per inch. When I did my gauge swatch I got that. Had I made my plain stockinette on a US 4 needle I would have ended up with the proper gauge and size. Because I went to a 2 I have 7sts per inch. I did use the 4's for the fair isle portion but was knitting so tightly that I was consistent with my 7sts per inch gauge. I am 6 inches too small through the chest area. Not quite minimal enough to block it out (and there is almost no 'give' in the fair isle areas).

*sigh* Well, at least I have the wine...


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