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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"Gift" Rule Change

A while ago I decided that I would implement a knitted gift giving rule. I had spent a lot of effort making a sweater for someone and got a "gee, thanks" kind of response when they received it. I decided then and there that I wouldn't make anything for anyone unless they requested it specifically (yarn type, color, and they pick the pattern,etc). I'm not going to invest that kind of time into something only to give it away to someone that doesn't really like it. I could just envision where it would be in ten years. I'd be that aunt that makes everyone stuff for Christmas and they'd obligingly put on their plastic smile and tell me "THANKS... this is... um... really nice". I just can't deal with that mental image.

I have decided to alter my gift rule a bit. I have a good friend that just had a birthday. He mentioned a long time ago that he'd like a knitted cap. He wasn't asking me to make it, just said he liked them. I have decided to change my gift rule and have made my friend this hat. I finished it last night but didn't get a chance to upload the photo. He's going to be coming by tonight and I can't wait to give this to him. I hope he likes it.

The gift rule, I decided doesn't account for those small simple items that are fun to knit, cute, and even if the recipient doesn't like it, they can give it to somebody else. Besides I've been dying to make some of those cute flower washcloths from weekend knits for my DH sisters. Who could not like those?

Hope you are having a great day!


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