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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Knit Night

I love knit nights. I work with all men and mostly hang out with only men after work (boyfriend, his friends, their friends, etc). It is so nice to go hang out in a crowd of women. And not just any women. Women who knit. Yeah!

I was quite the bad blog owner and didn't even think to bring my camera until I was halfway to LaTiDa. Fortunately, Cathi brought her camera. It was really nice to meet her and Libby. I've been reading both of their blogs for a while now so it was nice to "put a face with a name." Stacey stopped in for a little bit but couldn't stay. It was good to see her again, too.

It seems like meeting up with old friends when we all run into one another, even though we've only met once, or not at all. I think Libby's post today described it very well "It is so cool to meet other bloggers on the 'ring. It's interesting to see how familiar, and yet unfamiliar, a person whose blog you read and whom you've only seen in pictures can seem. I sort of feel like I'd know all of you if I passed you on the street. But the truth is, I'd probably only be able to recognize you by your knitwear."

Well, happy knitting everyone. Hope to see you again soon!


At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you, and thanks again for bringing the Nicky Epstein book- that was so sweet! Can't wait to meet up again and knit. I caved today and bought Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Good stuff. Have a great weekend!


At 12:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was fun seeing you again too! Are you going to the Boulder Knit Out on Saturday? I think I'm going to try to go. I completely agree that it's wild to run into bloggers, because you think that you know them, but you don't. I went by AKP tonight and saw Joanne, she said you were going to go to the KFC knitting group that is going to meet at LaMar's...I'll see you then, unless I see you at the Knit Out. Let me know if you are going!


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