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Monday, October 25, 2004

Looooong Weekend

It was actually the same length as any other weekend but WOW it felt longer. Before I start on my non-knitting tirade I must complement all knitters with active children. I have intense respect for you and absolutely no idea how you do it.

Our friends got into town on Saturday afternoon and we had a great weekend hanging out. They have a very active four year old daughter and a cute, mostly quiet 18mo old son. I haven't been exposed to children at all in the last 10 years or so. (None of my friends have children or their children are nearly adults.) I have forgotten how much energy a child has. I was exhausted just watching their daughter play. I'm sure she was a little more active than normal since she has spent the last few days in a car driving from Spokane to our house. According to her dad, she is always pretty active. I also forgot how fun kids are. They say what is on their mind and come up with some of the most imaginative and creative ideas. The weekend was wildly different for me than my typical weekend but what a memory I'll get to keep from it.

In knitting news, I did get a little bit of knitting done this weekend. I finished Christmas present #1 and cast on for #2. I also started a hat for a friend of ours. His birthday was the 22nd and I had bought the yarn for this hat weeks ago. I didn't get around to casting on until the 23rd but we won't talk about that.

In my comments the other day anonymous said:
you can block anonymous posters if you want to you know ... do you not like anony-mousers?

I don't mind that people *can* post anonymous comments. I just like being able to drop a note to say thanks for a compliment or even just to know who I'm talking to. If someone chooses to post as anonymous that is fine. Blogger doesn't really give anyone the option. You either post as anonymous or use your blogger account. If you don't have a blogger account, then you post anonymous. Kinda crummy in my opinion. The software I used to use would allow a commenter to leave their email address, if desired, their website or blog, and their name. I really liked that format.

Another quirk about blogger, thought this one I find quite humorous, when I run spell check it doesn't recognize the words "blog", "blogger", and always wants to turn "knitters" into "janitor's"... Ha.

Here's to a quiet Monday evening of knitting!


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