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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The "T" Hat

My dearest is going on a trip down the Grand Canyon for a month. He asked me to make him a warm hat for the trip so I've made him this:

The hat is made out of a Alpaca/Wool blend I found a while back at my LYS. It is fantastically soft and if I were a bit smarter more prepared I'd be able to tell you who made it. There was so much of it left over after the hat I'm attempting to make him a matching scarf.

I can't wait for him to go and get back. He leaves soon and it's all he can talk about. He's a darling man but has an infatuation with his facial hair (which I can't stand) and with shaving his head. The combination tends to make him look mean/angry. He promises to shave the goat (I don't think it even deserves to be called a goatee) when he gets back from his little vacation. I'm very much looking forward to having him back, both safe and sound as well as a little less scratchy. Maybe instead of a scarf I should make him a fake beard to wear since I know he'll be missing his real one. Heehee.

Monday, November 29, 2004

All thumbs

My Forsa mittens are complete. I finished them up while everyone napped after Thanksgiving dinner. Ah... it was so quiet... heehee. I've been in debate since I finished them whether to make the mitten on the left over again so it more closely matches the mitten on the right. I intended to have the mismatch, however now that they are mismatched I'm not sure if I like them. The problem I see seems only evident when I'm wearing them The one on the right has the bright bold red at the end and the other is that dull brown and peach. Most of the rest of the mitten is hidden so you don't get the benefit of seeing them lined up as I have them above. So I ask you what you think?

Thumbs Up?

Or Thumbs Down? Do I make a new right glove or leave them be?

I should also note that I am making a scarf out of this yarn and maybe that will be enough to "tie" them together... Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 26, 2004

Evergreen Aran

So now that my sidebar has been cleaned up what shall I do? I'll make this

From this book:

Out of this yarn:

I've gotten a couple of inches done so far. It's working up nicely. The yarn is a wool cachmere blend I got on sale from Webs and which has been sitting in my stash for a few months now. I'm hoping that it softens up a bit after I wash it. Right now the yarn is very stiff and quite scratchy.
I love the tweedy-ness of it. It has yellow, orange, rust, and teal flecks in it. I'll post a pic of the WIP soon. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Can I get a Whoop Whoop? She's finally finished. I finished knitting her quite some time ago but finally decided I would like to wear her this winter so I'd have to buckle down and stitch her together. I wore her to work yesterday and got lots of compliments. I'm happy with the way she turned out. She's quite a bit smaller in the body than I had expected but I like how she fits. The sleeves appear to be very long in the photo above but that was just the way I had my hands curled up. The ends of the sleeves touch my knuckles when my arms are hanging at my side but pull up to my wrists when I bend my arms so I don't find that they get in the way. I did shorten them by an inch. I'm very glad I did because I love where they hit and another inch would have been far too long. Hooray for FOs!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Margene talks on her blog today about a YNBA (Yarn-non-buying-agreement) and I've decided I should join in. Maybe it'll be easier with the support of others. No yarn, pattern or needle purchase until Feb 1, 2005. I believe the offical requirement is three full months, but I've got to be realistic. I'll be lucky to last until Feb 1. My stash is flowing well beyond the boundries I've set up. It is all yarn I bought for a reason and would love to use (almost all, some is Red Heart but I can't bear to throw it away). Tom will be thrilled as we keep discussing ways to save a little extra cash. My stash will be used for its intended purpose instead of continually getting buried under more potential projects. All good reasons right? Be strong...
Monica (who I think started the YNBA?) even wrote a "theme song". I'm determined to make this as fun as possible. Wish me luck!

Clap and Gaby

As promised here is a photo of Clapotis in "action". I wore her almost all day yesterday (even inside) and got quite a few compliments. I have decided to make a pillbox hat to go with her and bought some more Lorna's Laces to work it up in. I went to Bead It over at Park Meadows Mall and bought a bunch of seed beads that will compliment the scarf and tie the two peices together. It's a very nice store with a good selection and very reasonable prices. It took me quite a while to decide on which beads I liked best and I bought way too many but that's life. :D

The last of the Christmas Gifts are finished. I took a picture of Gaby to share since my Dad already knows about his gifts and because I think it's a neat hat.

I didn't realize it when I picked this hat to knit that I would learn so much. It's knit flat rather than in the round and then sewn together at the end. I have made most hats in the round and enjoyed the change. It's also not a rib pattern. It uses the knit in stitch below technique. That was a bit of a challenge at first but creates a very neat texture. I had to look up how to do this and thought I'd share my favorite link from Maggie's Rags that explains how to work this.

Check out the examples she gives. I really like the sleeveless top.

And in the spirit of the season, here is a Thanksgiving quiz for you. Hope you have a great week!

You Are Mashed Potatoes

Oridnary, comforting, and more than a little predictable
You're the glue that holds everyone together.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Jump Started

Have you ever felt like you were stalled on one project. That no matter how much time you spent knitting it you would never reach the end? Clapotis pulled this little number on me. I knitted and knitted and never thought I'd be done. Then suddenly I was on the decrease section and felt like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. I started bringing it to work and to every knit out I went to in an effort to be done. Suddenly, Friday night I realized I was nearly there. I prayed I'd reach the end in time. My ball of yarn was getting dangerously thin and I was starting to sweat. Libby posted some pictures on her blog of our Friday fun. Pop over and take a look.

Saturday morning I finished her up. I probably have two feet of yarn left over (WHEW.) She's beautiful!

I normally would not block a scarf but I decided to block her because the corners were still curling a little and the ladders were bunching up too much. The pattern helps prevent the curling but there is only so much a pattern can do. There was also some weird pulling at the ends because of the weight of the scarf was hanging off the needles while I knit. I realized when I tried to block her that she's quite a bit larger than the pattern dimensions (pattern states 55" length and mine's at least 80"). I discovered when putting the needle away that I was using a size larger than was called for in the directions so I'm sure that had some part to play. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I wore it to work today so I should have some "action" shots today. I'm so glad to finally check this one off the list and am relieved that it turned out so nicely.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Yet another FO

Happy Friday all. I was home sick again yesterday and decided, since I couldn't sleep, to finish up some projects that have been hovering in the left sidebar for far too long. Here is a picture of Elle. She's finally finished.

I found the zipper quite intimidating until I got going with it. I moved all my stuff over to it and carried it to work today. It's a very nice bag. The bottom is double thickness which seems to help with how sturdy it feels. I have everything from my other purse and my library book in it with plenty of room to spare. Love it.

Hope everyone enjoys a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Maria รจ rifinita

Maria is finished. I found some eyelets that were large enough and built in such a way I'm not concerned about them falling out of the fabric. I also found some lovely ribbon to close the top with. I think if I were to make her again I'd make her shorter and squatter but I really like how she turned out. I stuffed her with three kitchen towels to in order to take the photo so I know she's large enough to hold just about anything I need.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Afternoon humor

I found this link off of Stella's blog and just finished watching the video. My office-mates are wondering what is wrong with me I am sure since I was just laughing hard enough to bring tears. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Gangsta Knitter

Weekend Sweet Weekend

Hope everyone has fabulous weekend plans! I will be attending a thrummed mitten class at Knitty Cat tomorrow. I signed up for the class back in July and almost forgot all about it. In fact, I would have forgotten completely if the Harlot hadn't started a thrum-along. I didn't really even know what thrummed mittens were until she started talking about them. I'm very excited to be making a pair.

When I was about 7 I lived in Omaha, Nebraska. I was riding home from school one day and it must have been very cold outside. The busses were not heated and I had forgotten my mittens at home. I was always like that as a kid. I hated wearing cold weather gear like mittens, scarfs, and hats and tended to "forget" them often. I got off the school bus and we decided to have a snowball fight. I stuck my hand in the snow to make a snowball and felt searing pain all the way up to my elbows and a burning in both of my hands. It turns out that I got frostbite in both hands. A mild case of course, since I still have the use of my hands, but ever since then my hands have been terribly susceptible to cold weather. Thrummed mittens are supposed to be incredibly warm. Boy o' boy. I can't wait to have a pair.

Here is a photo of the kit I bought. I hope everyone is as excited about their weekend plans as I am. Have a great one.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


This one is for you kiddo!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

She's Felted

She felted and blocked beautifully but I'm not exactly happy with her right now. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday in search of a clever and cute way to finish Maria up. I found one (I thought). I bought some eyelets and was going to punch those in and run ribbon through the bag for a closure. I may still try this, I just have to find eyelets large enough. The ones I bought were made for paper and were far too small. I got them to stay in the fabric, but they smashed shut and would have shredded anything I put through them. They were only 1/8" too so that may be another part of the problem. I'll either do the eyelet thing or get some complimentary ribbon and just tie it around the top.

I found some very cute heart shaped brads to attach to it as well. As long as they are there for decoration they stay put. I tried to use them to hold the handles on but they are too small to hold that kind of weight. I'm sure it will all work out for the best. I just need to figure out a stable solution. Suggestions are welcome. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

On a roll

Here's a shot of the pillow I made for DH. He's going to take it camping for a month so I opted for a "dirt" color. It's incredibly fuzzy. I made it with Lambs Pride Bulky, which I have used for felted objects before. I have never had a felted item shed so much though. Every time you handle it your hand is covered in white-ish fuzz. Any ideas on how to get this to calm down would be greatly appreciated. Should I shave it? How do you shave a pillow without damaging the fabric beneath the fuzz?

I started over on Clapotis last night. I never realized how simple the pattern was. Because I was making it so difficult I had made several mistakes that I was sure would become more apparent when it was time to drop the stitches. Still, even after ripping and restarting I'm back to where I was before I ripped. I think I'll have to finish this before I start the next Christmas gift.

I followed Jenifer's lead and subscribed to Bloglines. What a nice service!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Worth the wait

My friend almost cried when he received this hat. Talk about an appreciative recipient. He's definitely on the "approved for surprise knitted gifts". Just kidding. I don't have a list. He sure did like it though. It made me feel good. I spent all weekend working on Christmas gifts. I'm so excited about them. Heehee.

Here is a new Quiz for all quiz lovers out there. I like this one. Not completely accurate, but hits the mark on a few key aspects.

20 Questions for a better personality

Wackiness: 40/100
Rationality: 60/100
Constructiveness: 50/100
Leadership: 50/100
You are a SRDF--Sober Rational Destructive Follower. This makes you a Fountain of Knowledge.

You are cool, analytical, intelligent and completely unfunny. Sometimes you slice through conversation with a cutting observation that causes silence and sidelong glances. You make a strong and lasting impression on everyone you meet, the quality of which depends more on their personality than yours.

You may feel persecuted, as you can become a target for fun. Still, you are focused enough on your work and secure enough in your abilities not to worry overly.

You are productive and invaluable to those you work for. You are loyal, steadfast, and conscientious. Your grooming is impeccable. You are in good shape.

You are kind of a tool, but you get things done. You are probably a week away from snapping.

Addendum, 2004/07/19: this fits me 99%, there is a slight inaccuracy however. We are not necessarily completely unfunny. If we have a sense of humor (I do) it surfaces on the occasion with well-timed, completely dry, very sarcastic, wit. - Chase

Of the 50307 people who have taken this quiz since tracking began (8/17/2004), 7.3% are this type.