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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Clap and Gaby

As promised here is a photo of Clapotis in "action". I wore her almost all day yesterday (even inside) and got quite a few compliments. I have decided to make a pillbox hat to go with her and bought some more Lorna's Laces to work it up in. I went to Bead It over at Park Meadows Mall and bought a bunch of seed beads that will compliment the scarf and tie the two peices together. It's a very nice store with a good selection and very reasonable prices. It took me quite a while to decide on which beads I liked best and I bought way too many but that's life. :D

The last of the Christmas Gifts are finished. I took a picture of Gaby to share since my Dad already knows about his gifts and because I think it's a neat hat.

I didn't realize it when I picked this hat to knit that I would learn so much. It's knit flat rather than in the round and then sewn together at the end. I have made most hats in the round and enjoyed the change. It's also not a rib pattern. It uses the knit in stitch below technique. That was a bit of a challenge at first but creates a very neat texture. I had to look up how to do this and thought I'd share my favorite link from Maggie's Rags that explains how to work this.

Check out the examples she gives. I really like the sleeveless top.

And in the spirit of the season, here is a Thanksgiving quiz for you. Hope you have a great week!

You Are Mashed Potatoes

Oridnary, comforting, and more than a little predictable
You're the glue that holds everyone together.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger margene said...

Your Clapotis is beautiful as is your 'Maria'. Thanks for stopping by and may you have a fabulous Thanksgiving....mashed potatoes are my favs!

At 5:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michelle! Your clapotis is hot!!! Congrats! I can't wait to see the coordinating hat.



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