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Monday, November 22, 2004

Jump Started

Have you ever felt like you were stalled on one project. That no matter how much time you spent knitting it you would never reach the end? Clapotis pulled this little number on me. I knitted and knitted and never thought I'd be done. Then suddenly I was on the decrease section and felt like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. I started bringing it to work and to every knit out I went to in an effort to be done. Suddenly, Friday night I realized I was nearly there. I prayed I'd reach the end in time. My ball of yarn was getting dangerously thin and I was starting to sweat. Libby posted some pictures on her blog of our Friday fun. Pop over and take a look.

Saturday morning I finished her up. I probably have two feet of yarn left over (WHEW.) She's beautiful!

I normally would not block a scarf but I decided to block her because the corners were still curling a little and the ladders were bunching up too much. The pattern helps prevent the curling but there is only so much a pattern can do. There was also some weird pulling at the ends because of the weight of the scarf was hanging off the needles while I knit. I realized when I tried to block her that she's quite a bit larger than the pattern dimensions (pattern states 55" length and mine's at least 80"). I discovered when putting the needle away that I was using a size larger than was called for in the directions so I'm sure that had some part to play. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I wore it to work today so I should have some "action" shots today. I'm so glad to finally check this one off the list and am relieved that it turned out so nicely.


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