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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

On a roll

Here's a shot of the pillow I made for DH. He's going to take it camping for a month so I opted for a "dirt" color. It's incredibly fuzzy. I made it with Lambs Pride Bulky, which I have used for felted objects before. I have never had a felted item shed so much though. Every time you handle it your hand is covered in white-ish fuzz. Any ideas on how to get this to calm down would be greatly appreciated. Should I shave it? How do you shave a pillow without damaging the fabric beneath the fuzz?

I started over on Clapotis last night. I never realized how simple the pattern was. Because I was making it so difficult I had made several mistakes that I was sure would become more apparent when it was time to drop the stitches. Still, even after ripping and restarting I'm back to where I was before I ripped. I think I'll have to finish this before I start the next Christmas gift.

I followed Jenifer's lead and subscribed to Bloglines. What a nice service!


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