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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


It's almost too embarrassing to post a picture of this but I feel that I must give myself a baseline for this YNBA thing. I need to know both why I decided to join as well as be able to prove to myself that I did indeed decrease the stash by doing this. So here is the "in the beginning" shot of the stash.

I had to search my house so I had all of the yarn present. There is a great deal of acrylic that I'm really not sure what to do with. There is some with a purpose (like the plastic bag in front of colorful, soft, washable stuff for baby blankets) but a lot is quite old (shoved in back, cause it's scratchy Red Heart) and I've just never figured out what I'd like to do with it. The old stuff would have survived into a purposeful existence if I hadn't discovered the LYS. As it was, I discovered Rowan and haven't looked back. It may end up getting donated to goodwill. Someone can use it surely...
My goal is to have it all fitting back into those four large baskets when I'm done.

Cathi posted a short list of knitting goals for the New Year and I've decided that was a good idea. It keeps with my "theme" this entry anyway.
In 2005 I'd like to:
* Use a fair chunk of the stash I've acquired. I bought all that stuff for a reason and need to get on with using it. It makes me feel guilty every time I look at it.
* Make a baby blanket for my friend BEFORE she has the baby. I started the blanket and had planned to make two (I have two friends that are expecting) but then realized the amount of work that would be involved in making this.
* Make a nice afghan for my living room. We bought new furniture last year with our tax return and I don't have any throws or afghans that will look nice with the new fabric. I had bought a afghan kit from Yarn Express, but I also ordered an item that was on back order. Instead of sending me that part of the order that was not on back order they held the whole thing. So when my back ordered item was available my afghan kit was not. They are not planning on restocking the afghan kit. I'm quite peeved over the whole mess. You'd think they would at least set one of the kits aside (since I ORDERED it) until they got the back ordered yarn in. Or even, imagine it, sent me the part of the order that was ready. Hmmm. Note to self... don't shop there again. Or make sure each order has only one item... Hmpf. I digress...
* Make a fair isle sweater that will fit. Bjerk by Dale of Norway has me down in the dumps. I don't think I'll try to make her again. Even if I did redo her and make her fit I'd just think of what a pain it was every time I see it. I tend to lose interest in a project once I've made it once already. I'm sure I'll find great uses for the yarn I bought and already have several ideas on what to do with it (see item one). I'd really like to make an Alice Starmore design or something from Poetry in Stiches.

I'd bet it'll grow by New Year.


At 12:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to post yesterday, but Blogger wouldn't let me. :( It was great to see a picture of your Boy, he looks different than I thought he would (don't ask me what that means, I'm not really sure myself). And your stash isn't too bad. I like your resolutions, it reminded me of some that I had thought of but forgot to put down. Thanks!


At 12:28 PM, Blogger Monica said...

Your stash is nothing! My stash could run circles around yours! Seriously, I was at that point last month. Just kidding--welcome to the YNBA!


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