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Friday, May 28, 2004

Creative Burst of Energy

Creativity must be contagious or something. I'm reading about all these wonderful folks that have decided to create their own designs for summer things and I have been inspired. I went and bought the yarn I plan to use for my idea and am very excited at the prospect of designing my own unique item. It should turn out (fingers crossed) as a tee-shirt with a very wide scoop neck. I've drawn several pictures of it but will need to sit down with the calculator soon and figure exactly how I'd like it to look so I can get started. I know I want it to be slightly fitted in the waist area and probably done in a 5x2 rib in the body. Ooooh. Can't wait to get going on this!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Quiet times

Well the family came and went. They are so enjoyable to have for a visit. Marion decided she wanted to learn how to knit (oh JOY). She played around with some of my stash yarn all weekend and has really gotten the hang of it if you ask me. I sent her home with the yarn and some needles. I'm thinking of getting her "Stitch N Bitch" after my next payday. I'll finally have someone in the family to talk to about yarn. This is so exciting.

It's almost as exciting as the fact that the V-Neck tank is finished!! I absolutely love how it has turned out. The changes I made to the straps are hardly noticeable (unless you saw the horrible I-cord I had on it at first). I finished it two nights ago actually but finally got some time with the photographer and had a photo to post. What fun is it to brag about a FO when you can't post on what it looks like. If you click on the picture there is a close up of the tank.

Gigi is also coming along nicely. I've finished one sleeve and started the next one. It's knitting up very fast and I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. I think I'm going to go with a white contrast color. It's almost a cream and the rest of the sweater is so bright that I think it will work out how I want. If not I can just go buy a different color. Darn. *heehee*

I'm not sure how much knitting time I'll end up with this weekend as we have a fun filled camping weekend planned. I think I'll bring the bottoms up with me and see if I can't get it finished. I have enough yarn to make two if I'm really speedy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful fun filled holiday weekend. I know I plan to!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Knitting Update

Had family in town over the weekend but I did get some good knitting time in. I'll have to post photos later today.

Gigi has her first sleeve done. It's beautiful. I should be starting sleeve #2 tonight.

V-Neck is nearly there. I've decided that I'm just going to knit in St st for the straps in a rows of about 5 sts rather than doing an I-cord. I needs another inch or two and then should be in great shape. It's just wide enough to make me feel better.

We spent a good deal of time outside the other night. A friend of ours made a telescope and we had it out in the back yard. It's a bit funny looking but has amazing magnification. You can't even look at the entire moon at the same time. It is incredible because you can see such detail on the bit you are looking at. We looked at all sorts of stars, many of which are two stars but look like only one without the magnification.

I have just finished a very pleasant book and thought I'd share. It's titled The Eyre Affair and is a science fiction novel about a special agent in England that has to track down a man that has stolen Jane Eyre from the novel. The name and cover of the book lend it a "romance" that isn't there. Apparently there are three novels to this series already and I plan to stop by the library tonight and pick up book #2 (Lost in a Good Book).

Thursday, May 20, 2004


The V-Neck is *this* close to being done except for one thing. I hate the I-cord straps. I made them shorter than the directions stated and they were still about 2 inches too long. I tried shortening them but really dislike how they look. I'm going to change the straps around a little and see if I can get a more agreeable solution. I have plenty of yarn left so I'm thinking I should be able to do some wider straps. This will be my first attempt at modifying a pattern so I'm pretty excited about it. Who knows what is next... designing my own things? How fun!

Gigi is coming along nicely. I was angry with the V-Neck last night so I worked on my sleeve for Gigi. Absolutly love the yarn I'm using for this. GGH Davos is very soft and kind of squishy (can't think of a better word for it). Gigi is a great pattern and I'm having alot of fun knitting it. It knits up pretty fast too.

I haven't re-cast on for Bottoms Up #2. I'm thinking I'll wait on that until the V-Neck is finished. My little (ha, I say little) WIP bag is overflowing so I need to get some things out of it. Diamond sweater is also feeling a bit ignored. I get a square done here or there but it's slow going so I'm trying not too worried about it.

Well thats the knitting news from my corner of the world. I hope everyone else out there is having a great time. Keep on knitting!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


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Monday, May 17, 2004

Good Weekend

What a refreshing weekend. It's so nice to get a break from work. I got some great knitting in.

The critter knitter blanket #3 is finished and should be in the mail tomorrow. I've started on #4 and am much happier at how quickly this one is progressing. Amazing how big needles help move a project along.

The V-Neck is also almost completed. I was planning to finish it yesterday evening but stopped when my eyes started going crossed. It wasn't all that late either but I was tired and started developing a headache. I hope I don't have to go back to the eye doctor again. It was probably just because I had been staring at detailed things all day (various knitting, weeding, and reading).

The Gigi-knit-along officially started on Saturday but, wouldn't you know it, I didn't feel like working on her at all this weekend. I was really feeling the need to get some other things finished before really digging in and starting on her. I should be able to, in clear conscious, get going on her tomorrow.

The Bottoms-Up#2 was completely frogged after realizing I'd created a mobius strip (thanks Alison for the definition of that, I'm feeling your pain.) Grrr. I swear I triple checked that there wasn't a twist but I must have missed it. We'll be starting that one again soon. The last bottoms-up I made was frogged three times before I got it right so we are making progress if this one only gets frogged once. Right? Right.

Well, that was my eventful weekend. Hope everyone out in blogland had as much fun as I did (or more).

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Nothing Much

I got a few rows of the V-Neck tank done last night but it pretty much looks the same so I didn't bother with new photos. I've noticed I knit much slower with this tape yarn than I do with other yarns. Usually with stockinette stitch the work flies off my needles. Another reason it takes me longer is that I do four rows off of one ball and then four rows off the other ball. My LYS owner suggested that I do this because the yarn is hand painted so, unlike other yarns where you can just make sure they are from the same dye lot, they may be different enough from each other to be noticeable. And considering the price per skein you don't want to make something you wouldn't want to wear later.

We did finally get our back yard sodded. I'm sure the neighbors are thrilled. I know I am. We had a little jungle out there last year. Tami-cat loved it. She'd spend hours out there stalking crickets and moths. (She would always be kind enough to bring pieces of them inside with her to share with us.) The weeds were dense enough that when it came time to bring her in it would take an extra 10 to 15 minutes just to find her. She was quite upset when we went out there and pulled all the weeds up in our unfortunate attempt to plant grass last fall.
I had this wonderful idea that we should plant buffalo grass plugs. Buffalo grass is native to this area and supposedly loves clay soil (which we have an abundance of). It took HOURS to get each little plug planted on square foot away from the last little plug. The back yard never appeared to be that big until you start crawling around in it and stopping every 12 inches. Needless to say, it didn't work out so well and so we pouted, whined, and stomped our feet, then called somebody else to come and fix it all. (We being mostly me). Tom never said "I told you so" but I'm sure he thought it quite often (expecially during the crawling around the "it's not that big" backyard). So now I'm happy that it's all done. Tom, on the other hand is just waiting for it to start growing and dreading all the mowing he sees in his near future. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I haven't had much time to knit since this weekend BUT I did manage to take a photo of the new V-Neck Tank I'm working on.

I absolutely love how this tank is coming! The Giotto is gorgeous and I really enjoy working with the tape yarn. I have never tried a tape yarn until now and it's really different. I've read a lot of posts out there on the wide-web about people that try and keep the ribbon straight while they knit with it. I don't even see how that is possible. Maybe it is different with different types of tape yarn. It would have to be. This stuff is impossible to keep from folding over. It's also harsher on my hands than many other yarns I've used. I wouldn't trade it for something softer though. There is no comparison in the colors from Colinette and anything else I've found. This is definitely a "spoil-me" tank. Yipee!

The critter knitter blankie is almost done. I should be able to finish that this week. Then I can start a new one. I enjoy leaving something to work on by the computer. So much of what I do on the computer involves sitting there for extended periods waiting for something to upload, download, install, or lock up. It gives me something to do so I don't keep clicking impatiently and getting angry and why it takes so long.

My bottoms up is coming along. I've gotten distracted by the V-Neck tank. The weather has been so nice for the last few days all I think about is having this tank to wear so it's taken priority. I also have quite a bit of trouble managing the two strands of yarn at the same time. It tires out my hands quite quickly. Just a few more rounds and I'll be back to one strand at a time and then I should be able to fly right through it. My MIL borrowed the first one I made when she was up this weekend. She is definitely a hat person and has requested one of her very own when I have the time. I'll have to figure out a nice way to make it super-special for her.

Well, back to work. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Monday, May 10, 2004

Mom's Day

I hope all the wonderful Mothers out there had an enjoyable and memorable Mothers Day!

Friday, May 07, 2004

Photo Updates

The camera made it back safe and sound with Thomas (also safe and sound). They had a good trip and he took bunches of photos. With them both back I decided to catch the shutter-bug from him and take some photos of the WIPs.

Here is a shot of the yummy Colinette I bought for the V-Neck Tank from the Spring/Summer '04 Vogue. I didn't get around to casting on last night but that is ok. I got the ball wound in record time thanks to help from friends and proceeded to work on other things. This weekend sounds like it should start off relatively quiet so there should be some good knitting time in there.

The bottoms up bucket #2 is striping up really neat and I hope it continues. We shall see. If this one goes as fast as the last one I may have it finished this weekend. I heard Tom trying on my other one and giggling about how it was cool but he wishes it were a different color. I may sneak and make him one after I finish this one. You never know what kind of madness will possess me.

I started Gigi last weekend and got about this far (sorry about the fuzzy photo). I've decided to bench her until the 15th since that is the official start date of the Gigi-knit-along. Plus, I want to get some of these other projects out of the way before I really get going on it. Stella has started a yahoo group for the knitalong. If you are interested in joining visit here.

The diamond pullover is coming along nicely as well. I am a bit concerned about what magic I'll need to use when it comes to getting it to fit. I never got exact gauge but because of the way it is knit I ended up using the needles that gave me the best diamond. I think the diamonds are a bit smaller than the gauge would get me if I'd gotten it so I'm defiantly going to have to do some math to get all the pieces to work together AND fit.

Last but not least is the broadripple sock I'm working on. It's a Knitty pattern and can be found here. I'm having fun with it so far but it lives lower on the list than most other things I want so it isn't seeing much progress.

Items not photographed include the Afghans for Afghans square I'm working on cause it's boring. And the critter knitters blankie which looks just like the last photo except a little bigger. Boring again.
I hope everyone has a wonderful knit filled weekend!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Almost Knitting Time

Almost time to go home and KNIT. I haven't been doing much of that this week. What with all the ball winding, drinking, and running errands. Tonight is knit night. Now that I've said this out loud I'd bet something dumb is going to happen to prevent knit night... Pessimism is over. It doesn't suit me anyway. :D

I plan to start my Vogue Tank. I need to find out what this thing is really called. I've been dying to start it since I bought my Colinette but have had to do other things instead. I still have to wind that other hank too so we'll see how far I get. I'm determined to at least cast on for it tonight.

I decided to change around how I track my current WIPs so I can see how long it is taking me to complete each project. I realized I missed a few WIPs so the list is now longer. Wow. I need to quit starting and start finishing... So many things to make... So little time.

So... I'm off to start finishing some things tonight. I hope you have a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


I spent two hours last night winding one hank of Colinette into a ball. Wow. Two hours. I still have another hank to go. Should be interesting. I'm going to have to try a different method for holding the hank this time. Hopefully I learned something last night.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Knittin' Weekend

I got alot of knitting done this weekend. No pics till Tom gets back though because he took the camera rafting. I am now quite a bit farther on the Vogue Sweater, although it really does take a long time to work on. I can get about 3 diamonds done in an hour if I don't get distracted and mess them up. I started doing that alot near the end of Saturday so I decided that it was time to move along.

I cast on my second bottoms up hat and got a few rows of the brim done. Its going to be so cute when it's done. The variegation in the yarn are lining up really neat and should give it a cool striped look.

I also started on Gigi. I did my gauge swatch and got gauge the first try. I love it when that happens. I'm really loving the yarn too. It's very soft and pleasant to knit with. The pattern is knit mostly in the round, which is another bonus because I hate sewing the pieces together. It's a sad thing but I really do put that part off as long as I can. One of the sweaters I knit up sat in a pile of completed pieces for well over a month because I didn't want to sew in the ends and sew it together.

The critter-knitters blankie is coming along. I've decided that is my "computer" work. I leave it on my desk and when I'm sitting there waiting for it to finish something I work on it. Works for me.

I know I'm on a yarn diet but... That doesn't mean I'm starving myself. :D I had a crappy day at work and an even crappier weekend at work so I decided to make up for it by getting some Colinette Giotto for the tank in Vogue Knitting's summer magazine. It is wonderful stuff and I can't wait to get started on it.

This is really neat. Check it out. PANTONEbirthdayCOLOR Mine is Starlight Blue (October 14th). I don't really agree with the statement but I love the color. :D

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Bad Knit Week

There wasn't much time for knitting or blogging this week. Sad but true. I plan to make up for that this weekend. SuperT is going out to Utah for some white water rafting which means uninterrupted guilt-free knitting time for me. Tami may make it known that she requires more attention than she can get when I have two needles in my hands but other than that... it's a knitful weekend. I can't wait!