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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Gigi Photos

Gigi is finished and I actually got the photographer to take a couple of shots of her. I made the "ribbon" but decided that I liked her better without it. If you click on the photo there is a closer shot of the neckline. I really enjoyed how it turned out. The white contrast isn't that obvious due to my lack-of-tan but it is there. Promise.

I got my things out a ready last night to start working on Bjerk. I really should be working on a few other things but I can't make myself put this sweater off any longer. We shall see how long I feel that way. I'm excited to learn a new technique but once I learn them I tend to loose interest in the project I'm working on.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


I finished knitting Gigi last night. She needs the ends sewed in and to be blocked (I'll take care of that tonight) and then I'll post some FO pictures. Hooray!! I ended up going with an off-white contrast color. On the knit-a-long someone had posted that to get the ribbing around the neck to look nicer they had done a knit round in the smaller needles before starting the ribbing. I whole-heartedly agree that this made it look much neater.

I think next I will concentrate on Bjerk. I have been dying to start on this and made myself wait until I had at least one of the sweaters I was already working on finished. It will be my first fair isle but I think it will be easy enough. There are only a few small areas where the fair isle even comes into play, the rest is pretty straightforward stockinette stitch.

I've been playing around with my idea for a short sleeve shirt (my first foray into the design world) and think I've got it worked out how I'd like it to look. I just need to sit down and do the math to be sure of how it will turn out in reality. I want to make sure the ribbing shows up how I'd like. I'm gaining greater and greater respect for all those designers out there. This is tough.

Enough rambling. Photos tomorrow. I promise!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Hate to choose

Not much knitting done last weekend. Spent a great deal of time by the river trying to finish my library book before it was due back. I hate having to choose between knitting and reading (my two favorite activities) and usually don't have to.

I have found that listening to books relieves the requirement that I have to choose between reading and knitting. If you are interested in a FANTASTIC book club check out Audible. I have been a member for a few years now and have only been upset with them once, which they promptly remedied. I do pick up the occasional library book (when I don't feel like buying one or they don't have the one I want) but for the most part I listen. The other wonderful feature is the mp3 player. I don't have to be tied to a CD player or cassette player like I do when I get audio books from the library. *As I re-read through this I realize it sounds very much like a sales pitch so I want to add that I'm not affiliated with Audible in any way other than being a satisfied customer for the last few years.

So... the minor knitting news I do have would entail that Gigi is about 8 rows from completion (hopefully tonight but I'm much slower doing ribbing than straight stockinette).

I started a new felted bag of my own design. If I like it after it is all finished I'll post the "pattern". I'm making it from Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Bulky in Old Sage(MC) and Lotus Pink(CC). I have to think of a name for it.

Back to work for now. Should have some pics of Gigi soon.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Weekend Knits

What a wonderful weekend. Not only did I knit till it hurt, but I saw a couple of movies, and spent some time on the telephone with my Dad.

**WARNING - sentamental non-knitting paragraph**
I hope all fathers out there had a wonderful fathers day. My dad said he did. This brings me joy. My dad lives about 1000 miles away from me (by my choice, not his - I'd bet I would live right down the street from him if it were his choice) so I don't spend as much time with him as I would like. Our relationship has improved greatly over the last few years despite the distance. I'm very grateful for him and my mom.

I got out to the movies this weekend. I saw the third Harry Potter movie and Shrek2. I LOVED them both. The second Shrek was funnier than the first, if that is possible and the third Harry Potter was very well done considering all the changes from the last movie (new Dumbledore and director).

On to knitting...
Gigi is nearly finished. I am up at the neck decreases. The only part I had a difficult time with was when you attach the sleeves and work them into the body. It wanted to turn before my needles would allow it (if that makes sense) but I've finally knit enough rows to relax that.

I also worked on the Diamond Pullover. I haven't picked that up in quite a while so I had to re-figure out how to do it, but once I did it went much faster than I remember. I am nearly finished with the front piece.

Gotta get to work. Have a great Monday.

Friday, June 18, 2004

You Learn Something New Everyday

As the old saying goes...
I learned two new things today. The first was how to do intarsia knitting. This is very exciting for me. For some reason color knitting always scared me and I've never given it a try. I've really wanted to but I didn't feel like I got a good enough grasp of it from pictures in a book. So I stopped in at the LYS today at lunch and the owner sat down and showed me a thing or two. I'm really excited about it now and have a bunch of ideas.

The second thing I learned is that I purl wrong. Wow. This really floored me. I was very grateful to find out that I've been doing this wrong but I've been doing it that way for two years. It is going to take some time for the correct way to feel natural. I am also very glad to learn it because I always thought my stockinette looked a little off but couldn't figure out how. The way I used to do it caused an extra bit of twist (I think) and made the stockinette lumpy, no matter how carefully I knit it. I'm sure it is only obvious to me, and maybe some very good knitters out there, but I'm so excited to find out I was actually doing something wrong and I'm not doomed to lumpy stockinette for the rest of my days. Hooray!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Good Stuff

I attended my first knitting meetup last night. I'm very glad I went. I had almost changed my mind because the weather was kind of bad but the drive turned out to be normal (was expecting worse) and the people were great. I think that a total of 7 of us attended and everyone was wonderful. One of the ladies has some of the most interesting gadgets. There were a few people that were just learning to knit so we showed them some things. I love new knitters. They are so excited about everything there is to learn and all the different things there are to make. There were a few that have been knitting about as long as I have and few that have been knitting longer.

I started working on my wrap again. I love how it's coming along. The coloring is fantastic. If you click on the photo there's a nice close up of the stitch detail and coloring. The Lorna's Laces is nice to work with as well. I'm much happier now that I switched over to the bamboo needles. It is a very simple pattern but the rows where there are a lot of yo and k2tog gets a little confusing when you are also trying to chat with a bunch of people. I had to rip one row back almost to the beginning because I wasn't paying attention and messed up. It was nice to be surrounded by people that have all been there and done that at some point. I just get "uh-huh" from T.

My LYS has started a really neat charity project called "81 Squares of Love" and I signed up. She is having us knit afghan squares (all from the same pattern, we sign up for what square we want to make) for families that have lost children. All the money we spend for supplies will be donated to the charity that the family chooses and the family will receive the afghan. How fun is that? So, I'm making two squares for the first blanket. She picked a great book too because there are squares for every knitter on each blanket. Some are very difficult and others are super easy. I picked the ones I did because there is bead work on them and I've never done any knitting with beads. The book is really neat.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


So I finally have some photos for the blog. What fun is a blog without photos anyway...

Here is a shot of the 4th critter blankie. I still have to sew in the ends on the 3rd so I can mail it off. Yes... I procrastinate delay the work I detest disdain dislike...

Here is a nice shot of my Gigi sleeves. I'm still working on the body and there isn't really any interesting reason to take a photo yet. I only started the increases above the waistline so it looks pretty much like a tube. I'll take some shots once I get the sleeves attached and it starts looking like something to wear... I am really enjoying the sweater though. I just wish it was coming along a little faster. I"m sure it will get better over the weekend.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Excuses excuses

Well, my life has finally calmed down a bit. I had a hectic week last week, between working very odd hours and studying for an exam. I passed the exam yesterday (hooray me) and now can relax when I get home from work instead of studying. I still only got two rows done on Gigi yesterday though.*sigh*
I'm on call again this coming weekend, which usually means I have plenty of knitting time. I plan to finish up some projects then. I still have to mail the afghans-for-afghans square and two kitty blankets sometime this week. My LYS is debating over starting a charity knit-along as well. I'm pretty excited for that to start. I always feel better about knitting when I have at least one project on the needles that is for somebody else.
Gotta run for now. Hope everyone has a great week.

Friday, June 11, 2004


Been soo busy this week. Got a little knitting done but I've mostly been working. Been so busy that the pictures I took of my WIPs are still on the camera.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Camping Pics

Here are some photos of our last camping trip..

This one was the view we had on Sunday morning. Ahhh. That's just nice...

This is of the area that they came off the river. It's not very rapidy but it is a beautiful place to sit and knit...

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Knitty magazine has published the article that was delayed in their original release of this issue. It was well worth the wait and has valuable information for knitters in any stage of the craft. Jenna wrote a wonderful document about "Thinking beyond the Pattern" and I am greatly looking forward to her follow up articles in future Knitty issues. I definitely recommend taking a quick look over at Knitty to read it. I found it particularly interesting because, though most of it is common sense, it is often the part that long-time knitters don't pass along because it has become second nature to them to do those things. I thought of quite a few FOs that could have benefited from this information (the people that now own those FOs would agree, I'm sure).

Gigi is coming along slowly but surely. The second sleeve looks much like the first so I haven't bothered with a photo. One interesting and disturbing thing happened last night that I am wondering about. When I started my first sleeve I got out a new ball of yarn, cast on, and finished the sleeve with plenty of yarn to spare (feels like nearly half a ball). I haven't read through the pattern all the way yet so instead of cutting the yarn when I was done, I just got out a new ball and cast on for the second sleeve. I'm probably half way done with the second sleeve and the ball I'm using for it is nearly gone!! I held them up together (the sleeves, not the balls) and I'm making them the same size. I thought for a second that I may have done something wrong but then ruled that out because that never happens *cough*. Anyway, I'm thinking that I've been shorted some yarn in my order. I know that balls are "approximate yardage x" but this is ridiculous. If I could remember who I bought the yarn through I might consider calling them, but I can't and wouldn't know what to say anyway. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

On a happier note, I cast on for a very nice scarf yesterday. I finished my take-along project and decided this would be nice and portable. My take-along has always been something I could just leave in the car in case I had time during my lunch break to go down to my LYS or over to the park and knit. This scarf is being made with Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport in Tuscany and the pattern is the feather and fan scarf courtesy of the lovely Wendy. Lorna's Laces is one of my favorite yarns. In part because my mothers name is Lorna is it's so unusual it always makes me think of her when I knit with it. The other reason is because it comes in so many luscious colors and is so much fun to knit with.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Weekend Knitting

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We decided to go camping and white water rafting last weekend and had a wonderful time. Saturday evening was a bit cold and we woke Sunday with 4 inches of snow on everything, including our tent. It was wonderful! Well... it was beautiful. It was also very cold. The snow was all melted by Sunday afternoon and Monday you never would have known that it had snowed. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. I believe that Colorado has to be the most beautiful place I've ever lived and I've lived lots of places.

We were able to go rafting every day, though what I usually do is drive everyone to where they put on the river then go wait in the car at where they come off the river. It's great for me because I get to spend that time Knitting, as opposed to screaming alot when we go over the rapids. Works for me. *grin*

I finished another Critter blanket, which is great because I still haven't mailed the last one I made so now I can send them both at the same time. I cast on for a new one and have that one done about a 1/4 way already.

The only other bit of knitting that I got done was some work in sleeve 2 of Gigi. I have to admit I really like working sleeve first. They are done faster than the rest and I know that when I finish the body I'm really all done. In the past once I've finished the body the rest of the sweater just sits there for a while because I feel like I should be finished with the whole thing, rather than having two sleeves to finish still.