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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Yet another happy photo. I started working on Clapotis. It's surprisingly easy to knit. It requires a lot of stitch markers but hey, that's why we buy them right? I'm using Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport I bought a while back. It's been earmarked for several different projects but when Knitty came out I decided I had finally found it's calling in life. I can't wait to get to the part where you drop the stitches. How fun!

I'm very curious to see how it'll turn out. It's wool so won't have the same drape that a silk blend would but I think it'll be gorgeous anyway. I really like the colors and how they are patterning through the work. I noticed I must be in an olive green mood lately. Klara, Clapotis, and Maria all have a strong olive green in them.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Enough of this weepy, feeling sorry for myself stuff. Lets talk about something fun and exciting and pretty.

Klaralund is coming along very nicely. I am working on both sleeves at the same time. That way if I screw up they still match. HAHAHA.

I hope to have them finished by he end of this week so I can work on the body this weekend. It's such a fast knit and I love the way this yarn stripes. I've used Noro yarns before but not this particular type (Silk Garden). It's so lovely. I can't wait to wear it. I just sit there and invision all the things I can wear with it while I knit.Cute pink skirt, cute green skirt, jeans, nice slacks. ARGH. Gotta go shopping now. :D So many possibilities. I hope to post some FO pictures soon! Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

*SIGH* Again

Saturday I decided to block Marion's Fluffy Sweater. The back of this beautiful sweater (on the left) blocked out to the correct dimensions.Then I laid the front of the sweater next to it. Hmmm...

I'm not exactly sure how this happened. I'm wondering if my tension loosened up (I am working on larger needles than the pattern calls for). Or maybe I can't count... There was a section of the pattern I found confusing in upper part of the front. That doesn't appear to be where the problem exists though. Hmmm...

I've already started the sleeves so it may be a little while before I get around to fixing it. Not my week for knitting I guess. At least the yarn is nice to work with.

Monday, September 27, 2004




One of the most upsetting parts of frogging a sweater is how fast it is. It takes forever to make and less than an hour to undo it all...

Well, on to more optimistic thoughts. I have decided what to do differently. I will be doing the plain stockinette with US 4 needles (if I did the math right I'll end up with the actual size the sweater is supposed to be). I'll do the fair isle bits on a US 5 or 6 since I apparently have a hard time "keeping it loose". I will be using the duplicate stitch for the green parts rather than trying to make myself crazy by working with three colors at the same time. I will also rename this poor unfortunately named sweater. I think anything named B-Jerk is destined to be a jerk. New name B-Joy. It'll be great. It'll be beautiful. It'll be finished before this decade is out.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Weekend plans

Well, so sad to report, that Bjerk will be no more at the end of this weekend. I plan on frogging her tomorrow while I consume some wine to console me.
Why would I do such a dastardly thing? Frog an entire sweater, less one sleeve?? Especially one I work so long and hard on? I'll tell you why... It doesn't fit. The picture below is my hand in the sleeve. It is as far as I can get my hand into the sleeve as a matter of fact. Great...

I was nearly done with my first sleeve when I notice that I may not have enough yarn to finish the sweater. I got quite down about this, as I didn't think I'd be able to find the yarn I needed in the same dye lot that I was already working with. I was sitting there despondently looking at my uncompleted sleeve when I started thinking about the pattern. The pattern had called for US size 3 and 4 needles. But had also specified 3.5 and 2.5 mm needles. According to my needles (I have heard that they can vary by manufacturer) those mm ranges correlate to a US 4 and 2. I applied my logic and decided to use the 2s as this is a Norwegian pattern and so the mm sizes must be the more logical choice. Hmpf.

Turns out that there were a few additional contributing factors to my sizing dilemma. Gauge for this was 6sts per inch. When I did my gauge swatch I got that. Had I made my plain stockinette on a US 4 needle I would have ended up with the proper gauge and size. Because I went to a 2 I have 7sts per inch. I did use the 4's for the fair isle portion but was knitting so tightly that I was consistent with my 7sts per inch gauge. I am 6 inches too small through the chest area. Not quite minimal enough to block it out (and there is almost no 'give' in the fair isle areas).

*sigh* Well, at least I have the wine...

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Heck Yeah!

So, I arrived home after a mediocre day at work to find this!! If you guessed that this is my Silk Garden for Klarlund you are right, boys and girls!

I made myself stop only long enough to get some nice photos of the skeins

and then did my gauge swatch (got gauge on 8s - amazingly enough) and then cast on both sleeves. Yes, both. I've always been leery of trying to do both sleeves at the same time until I came across someone's blog (can't remember who's right this second) where they mentioned that, to make it easier to determine which sleeve they had finished, they pinned the sleeves together. Wow, what a simple solution! I didn't get very far and was much more interested in knitting than taking a picture of what I was knitting so there isn't a photo of how far I got, but I'll post one soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


It's true. I couldn't resist. I signed up the other day. I have so much of that acrylic stuff left over from when I first learned how to knit (I didn't know about how yummy yarn could be back then). I have kept it because I can't stand the idea of throwing it out, but it's not very soft so I haven't figured out what to do with it... Until now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

FO Foster

Click on photo to see how long it is...

I managed to finish Foster this weekend. It's incredibly long. I really hope my Dad likes it. He asked for something he could wear with his suits. I picked this one because it lacked tassels (which I don't feel are very masculine) and because it has those neat pockets my hands are tucked into. The photo isn't the best but it's hard to photograph black...
It was also a fast knit. Done on 19s and in a moss stitch so it's fairly mindless. I used Rowan Big Wool for it, which ended up making it a rather pricey for a scarf. It's the only thing my Dad has ever asked me to make for him though and I wanted it to be something nice. It's uber-soft and really warm. I figure if Dad gets too warm wearing it, he can fold it up in his lap like a blanket.

Monday, September 20, 2004


No, this isn't a strange new insect. It's the beginning of my cap for Kendall. This was an amazingly fast knit. I even managed to get the seam sewed up this weekend.

Here's a shot of the finished version. Very fun and funky. I tried to pull most of the eyelash through so it wouldn't tickle the wearer. It also made it quite a bit fuzzier. An interesting bit it trivia I picked up this weekend was that the best camouflage is fuzzy. This has to do with fuzzy items being more difficult to focus on than defined objects. So I guess this is a camo chemo cap? Things that make you go "Hmmmmm..."

Friday, September 17, 2004

Mission Falls

MMMM... Mission Falls Cotton...
This was originally purchased to make "Tank Girl" from Sitch n' Bitch. I cast on and worked on it a bit, and while I love the color I HATE how it's turning out. Because I am a bad-ass knitter, I have decided to exercise my right and reallocate this yarn for something I do like.

I will be making this instead. This pattern, courtesy of Brooks, is available here. Hooray! I've wanted to make this bag since it first came out and just haven't gotten around to buying the supplies. I still need to get the contrast color (I'm thinking a pale yellow.) I'll probably see about returning the rest of it and getting different yarn for "Tank Girl".

I love the name of that tank top. I want to say it like it's some sort of super hero. Da-ti-da!!! It's Tank Girl!! Ha. I'm feeling pretty punchy today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Maria bag

Maria has been deemed "fini-to". She's not been felted yet, but I'm through knitting on her. I threw my foot in the picture for a refrence (and because I like my toenail polish). ;)

It's turned into a backpack type bag. More of a long tube than a small handbag, which had been my initial intention. I'm pretty excited about it. Really.

I only made one strap to sling over the shoulder. We'll have to see how she felts up.

For closure, I'm still debating over a couple of different ideas. I want to get a pretty satin-like ribbon to use as a closure. I have a few more ideas I'd like to thow in but I'll have to check at the craft stores to see if they are feasible.

Stay tuned for Maria progress...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Poncho Fever

I have decided that working only on sweaters was a bad idea. I needed a fast knit fix so I bought the yarn and took the poncho plunge. (Come on in, the water is fine!) Ann from Knitty Cat designed the cutest asymetrical poncho earlier this summer and it was the perfect thing for my "this sweater is taking forever to knit" doldrums.

Here is a picture of it finished.

Yeah!! It is suprisingly warm despite the holes. I imagine that a good breeze would whip right through it but on cool evenings it would be great. Now I just need cool evenings...

In other news, I have been continuing my work on Bjerk, Maria, and Fluffy (a.k.a Marions' sweater).

I have started a chemo cap for a charity program that is going on in our local area. The yarn is incredibally soft. I hope it is able to brighten someones day.

I also cast on Foster as a gift for my Dad. It's black so I wont even pretend that I'm going to post alot of photos. None of them come out. It is very nice though and I'm hoping my Dad will enjoy years of wearing it.

The Diamond Pullover has been languishing in the corner of the living room. It gives me evil glares on a regular basis but I have remained undetered in working on other things. It will just have to wait. It's a beautiful item but I'm lacking the motivation required to work on it when I have other things on the list I'd rather make.

In Klaralund news, I did get a notice that my yarn shipped yesterday. Yeah!! I can't wait to start on this project.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What on earth???

This would be a photo of Noro Silk Garden in Colorway 34. Now, why would I post such a thing on my blog, you may wonder? It's because of Klaralund of course!
I had no intention of making this sweater, however I attended the local Klaralund-along kick-off and started looking at all these wonderful sweaters. I looked at the yarn, the drape, the colors, and couldn't help myself. I ordered enough of this yarn yesterday to make the sweater. I'll be posting about my progress as soon as there is something to post. In the mean time, I'll stare at this swatch and dream of how lovely she'll turn out. Happy Knitting, All!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Miss Marion

I LOVE this yarn. It is incredibly soft and lush. I normally wouldn't post pics of a gift, but since I made Marion pick this gift and she knows what I'm making I must share.

It's coming along nicely. Here's a shot of the completed back. If you click on it there is a close up of the waistband. I love that it has those twists instead of a plain rib stitch. The combination of that and the yarn makes this such a delicate and feminine sweater. It'll look great on Miss Marion.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Bjerk body

See... I've been knitting. :D Here's a good shot of the body of Bjerk. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to sleeve island I go...

I have really enjoyed knitting this but I don't really like the transition between the fair isle and the plain stockinette (click on the photo for a close up of the transition). The pattern has you change to larger needles for that part and to me it makes the stitches seem gigantic and lumpy in comparison with the stockinette. I'm sure part of it is that it's my first go at fair isle and my tension could use some improvement. I was wondering though if anyone else has knit something like this? Is this normal? Is there something I can do to make it look a little better?