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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Christmas Finished

OK. Enough dragging out all the Christmas stuff. I'm bored already. I did want to share a couple of things so they are all going in this post.

Here are my slippers. You didn't think I'd make my whole family felted clogs and not make myself a pair did you? *Grin*

Tami was a bit concerned about why it smelled like I had a sheep on my foot so she investigated further. Talk about "open mouth insert foot".

Here is a shot of one of the flower washcloths I made. I made a total of six for the girls and gave each of them out with a nice soap I got from Wild Oats. Each of the colors are shown here. I only have one picture of a finished one. Don't worry. They all looked the same. They are quite a bit larger than I had expected. I thought they'd be about the size of my hand but in truth it envelops my hand when held out with palm flat. Very nice stuff.

Last but not least I finished the Silk Garden Cowl that I had decided to make Jenny. It's not a Christmas gift really but matches the hat I already gave her so I'll post about it here anyway. It was a simple pattern and made a very lovely cowl. I still have some of this yarn left (about one skein) I used most of it for the gifts. Hooray for stash busting.


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