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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Commuter Knitting

I usually try to keep one project that I keep in the car. I don't knit while I drive, though I've often contemplated it when stuck in traffic on the Interstate. I think it would freak the people out around me too much, and I'd rather be prepared for any crazies (which we seem to never be in short supply of) that are in a bigger hurry than everyone else.

Right now my "commuter knitting" is a bamboo handled bag. It is crocheted, rather than knitted, which isn't as challenging as I used to believe. There are really only three different stitches used, which helps a lot. I took a class for this bag at the beginning of this month and have been working on it during most of my lunch breaks since then.

The pattern is from Hooked on Crochet. Here's a picture from the book of what it would look like if I didn't have plans to change a bunch of things:

I don't care for the round handles because I think it closes the bag too much. There is a sample one at my LYS and I could barely get my hand in there. So I'm going with silver colored D shaped bamboo handles. The LYS said she would be getting some in soon so I'll just keep plugging away at the bag until they are in.

I also didn't like the macrame edging they put at the bottom of the bag. I bought some beautiful beads I'm going to put along the D handle on the front side of the purse. Here's a picture of those (sorry they are kinda hard to see):

I'm using Tahki cotton to make the bag and have already finished one side.

I followed the directions for the top of the bag, so it bunches quite a bit. I may end up changing that a bit since I'm not using the handles that are "called for". Otherwise it's been a pleasant "knit". Challenging enough to keep my attention but not so complicated I get mad and chuck the crochet hook across the room. And a cute bag to boot. I'd recommend it for a beginner if they wanted to learn to crochet.


At 12:09 PM, Blogger Cathi said...

You are such a liar, all my crochet pieces are trapezoids. So when are you going to give me a lesson?


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