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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Beaded Handles

So... I was going to buy some beaded handles for my Market Squares Bag. But one of my friends talked me into making them on my own. So, that's what I'm going to do. Of course, being entirely new at the idea of beading. I've put some beads in my knitting before but by no stretch of the imagination do I feel confident with my beading skills just from doing that.

A couple of weeks ago my sister was in town visiting me so I drug her all over town to find the perfect beads. We didn't find them. But we found some very neat bead stores. Personally I liked the one in Aurora (at Quincy and Buckley) the best. It's a small shop and the owner was very nice. I told her what I was going to try and she got very excited about it. She brought out a very cute bag she'd bought somewhere (I forget) that had a cute feathery trim around the top and dangly beads that appeared from under all the fluff. It was very tastefully done, though my description may not show it.

I did end up buying my "wire" and crimping thingies there, but no beads. They were a bit too expensive consider the quantity I'd need to make bag handles that I could sling over my shoulder.

Then at the Littleton Meetup I wandered around the bookstore and picked up this book.

Since Mr. Sittin' is into welding I'm going to see if I can talk him into making me some of the metal and glass beads they show in the book. They also cover how to make felted beads, beads out of paper, and beads out of polymer clay. I was getting all kinds of inspired after buying this book. Dreamin' of having beading skills.

But, in the end I decided for this particular project I'd just buy some beads. I love the idea of making some, but I like the idea of getting to use my Market Squares Bag sometime this decade even better. So I went online (good ol' Internet) and bought a bunch (bunch = way more than I need) of beads.

The majority of beads that I ordered are these

None of these picture are to scale

And I got some of these

And these

And a bunch of other ones that I have no idea what I'll use them for but they are gorgeous.

Must... focus... attention... back on.... knitting. Can't... afford... two hobbies.


At 1:09 AM, Blogger CynCyn said...

Love the beads...but not sure how that works. I hope I get to see at a future knit night.


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