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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Best Traffic Jam Ever

What? There was a good traffic jam? Only once.

I live in the Denver area, which means that after dark they start closing lanes on the Interstate for the construction-work-that-will-never-end, a.k.a. T-Rex. Why would you name something that is supposed to be a great new addition to the functionality of our transit after something extinct… The “best” part of this is that at 9 pm it will take as long to get home as it would during rush hour, even though there is 1/3 or less traffic on the roads. Yeah.

So what made this drive in particular a good one? The car in front of me. There was a small person in the passenger seat of this car (I’m guessing between 8 and 12 years old) that had a sock puppet on her hand. Using this puppet, she would bob her hand in the air as though this puppet was a dog panting with its head out of the window. As soon as the car next to them would come level with her vehicle, she would open the sock puppets mouth so that it would stick out its tongue at the driver in the next car over.

The puppet would not have really caught the attention of the driver because of her impression of a dog (which was very good by the way) made it unobtrusive. The best part was the reaction of the drivers. Imagine your surprise at the “dog” in the next car over just stuck out his tongue at you. I laughed the whole way home.


At 6:41 PM, Blogger CynCyn said...

I'm glad you were entertained. If only there were such entertainment for everyone stuck in traffic. But gridlock at 9pm is tougher to deal with mentally b/c you don't expect it, I guess.... don't u think?

Can't wait for Friday!


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