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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A few things

Black Cherry
I finished knitting up my Black Cherry bag. I love it but can't seem to bring myself to seam it up. There seems to be a reocurring theme around that at my house...

I do need advice if anyones got any, on the R2 ribbon I used. It unravels like crazy on the ends. I know I should weave all the ends in, but let's be realistic here... I'm more likely to line the bag. In the mean time these stupid silver strings are everywhere because it takes nothing to get them started unraveling and then they don't seem to stop. Would burning the ends stop this? Ideas are appreciated!!

Have you ever noticed how the Rebecca pattern names are so boring???

I started the "Sweater with Relief Pattern" at least 2 years ago (maybe more). It was my first pattern that required the use of a chart. I got quite a ways through this sweater (all the way to the neckline to be exact) when I found an error in the pattern. It was an error in the pattern, mind you, not an error on my part. Boy, did that take a while for me to realize...

The error was not horrific (we are using hindsight here folks) but at the time it was an astounding problem. So much so that the entire project has lived in my knitting stash for two full years. I pulled it out this past weekend because I had every intetion of donating the last of my acrylic stash that I would never use to a local school for knitting classes. I couldn't bear to rip out this whole sweater that, even though I will never wear it, was so much hard work.

So I sat down and made something up that would provide an acceptable neckline and would even look like the photo in the magazine. I show you pictures as evidence that I completed this work. It is now in the Goodwill bin. May it be worn and loved by someone... Me? I can't stand looking at it anymore (and I'm pretty sure it would look better on someone with a larger bustline.

If you are brave, you can click on the photo for a picture of the back - Please fogive the saggy britches and dirty mirror.

My biggest complaint is that the way I'm standing in the photo is the *only* way I can stand with that shirt on and have it look right. The sleeves are poorly designed, on top of which I'm not using a very forgiving yarn. The back will bunch up all wierd if I move at all. (Thus my thoughts on this looking better on someone that can fill out the top a bit better).

Remember Gigi? She was a short lived passion of mine. If I had paid a little more attention to what I was doing I might have figured it out before now...

Turns out that the yarn I was using (GGH Davos) calls for a 6-7 needle. But those are 6-7mm, not US. (Why do we have to be so difficult with the dang measuring of things??) You would think the 14sts/10cm would have given this away, but no... Sigh.

Other than the wings I get at my waist when I wear Gigi, one of my main dislikes of this knit was the thickness of the fabric. Hmmm.... I guess I have learned something after all these years of knitting after all. I took one look at the leftover Davos, trying to figure out what to use it for, and this light bulb came on above my head. Apparently it was a blinding light because DH had to put on his shades.

So Gigi is going to die a painless death and become something new. I was originally going for something mindless that I could sit around and knit with my buddies, or while reading a book. Why oh why did I pick this then?

From Fall 2005 Interweave

Because it's gorgeous, that is why. I'm going to have to stick with that answer because the alternative is a little too painful to contimplate...


At 11:27 AM, Blogger Wanda said...

The Rebecca pattern is so cute, but I think you're right that you might a larger bustline to carry it off. It's so pretty.

And ever so sad that Gigi didn't work out. I never saw you wer it either. But it looks like it will have a new rebirth as the shrug!

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Cathi said...

Have you tried clear nail polish for the ends of the R2 yarn? Just an idea, don't know if it would really work.

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Jenifer said...

Wow, I have no idea about that R2 yarn ... I like Cathi's idea.

And what a sad end to your Relief! For what it's worth, it came out really beautifully! Too bad you can't send it on to someone from Katrina ...

And the Gigi ... I think that shrug would make a nice re-incarnation. I keep thinking of that shrug as well ... doesn't it just look so comfy for sitting and knitting? (Of course, now that I typed that, you have to make it ... get it? sittin' and knittin'? Hee hee.)


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