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Monday, September 26, 2005


I saw this the other day at Knitter In Progress and really liked it. I decided today was the day for it.

The idea is to go to Google and find pictures and/or information of some of the things in your life: (1) your first car; (2) the place you grew up; (3) the place you live now; (4) what comes up first when you type in your name; (5) favorite food; (6) favorite drink; (7) favorite song; (8) favorite smell; (9) favorite pair of shoes ever.

(1) My first car was a 1972 Plymouth Duster (the color is the same as in the photo but it had a black vinyl or leather top stretched over the metal roof)

(2) I grew up all over the place. We lived in

Ft. Benning, Georgia (which I just found out is the home of the Army Infantry)

Ramstein, Germany

San Antonio, Texas

Omaha, Nebraska

DeRidder, Louisiana (twice)

Berlin, Germany (my favorite)

and finally Milton, Florida. I graduated high school in Milton so I'd say that is where I finished growing up.

(3) Now I live in Aurora, Colorado (my second favorite)

(4) This site appears first when I type in my name.

(5) I know it's cheesy (sorry, bad pun) but I lived on this stuff for a few years and still love it.

You are "Kraft Macaroni and Cheese". You cost a little more,
due to your promotional shapes and packaging, but the kids
won't stand for less. You try and be individual in
spite of this though. You prefer to be called "Cheese and
Macaroni" thank you very much.
Take the What Kind of Macaroni and Cheese Are You? Quiz Created by LJ User RobProv222

(6)Sunshine Wheat Beer from New Belgium Brewing Company

(7) Turn Me On by Norah Jones (currently)

8) That's a tie between these

(9) My Docs - not only are they the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned, but they were the first pair I ever bought myself because I wanted them rather than because I had to have them.

This is a fun one but be warned... It'll eat up your day if you let it.


At 5:38 PM, Blogger Kim said...

I love your list! Kraft Dinner(a la Canada) is definitely yummy--it's a big deal at our house. Happy knitting and hope to see you soon!

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Jenifer said...

Thanks for posting! That's my favorite meme. And some day I'll have to blog about my SECOND favorite pair of shoes, also doc martens. :)

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Wanda said...

Sadly Joanne tagged me for this meme and I haven't finished it. I started working on it and then it was taking far too long when I was trying to make a quick post, so it's still waiting for me in blogger.


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