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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Wrap Style

There are so many things I'd like out of this book. Truthfully, I hated it the first time I browsed it's pages. But sitting at my LYS over lunch hour I found myself glancing through it over and over (five times actually) and decided that if I could look at it that much I must like it. Now I'm addicted. Of the many items I'm in love with, I'm most in love with this

My favorite LYS doesn't carry Jamieson, and the price on that particular yarn is a bit of an inhibition in making it. So we decided that NatureSpun sport might work (lots of colors, can get gauge, etc.). So in an effort to get things moving along, I've completed my first ever swatch for a felted item.

I used several techniques as the caplet will require them and I wanted to see what happens when each technique was felted. The trim at the top was done using fair isle techniques, the top of the heart was done with intarsia using a bobin rather than carrying the yarn behind, and the bottom of the heart used intarsia bobbin-less.

The finished result was interesting. I'm not sure that I'm happy with it. I did learn that you have to monitoring the felting much more closely than when felting a bag or other "heftier" item. I think it was because the swatch was so small and thin, but it came out of the washer in a little ball and I had to strech and pull quite a bit to get it to lay flat.

With all the streching I can't be certain about how much it shrunk. But we could strech it back out to a good 4" (was 5" before felting). The blue felted much faster than the pink (this causes me great concern, but I'll be consulting someone with more experience in felting about this part). It's not just a matter of stitch detail, which as you can see above, the pink still readily shows off. It's that the pink is larger than the blue. You can only tell at the top part that was done primarily in blue and in fair isle. It did not cause any puckering or pulling around the heart, even though it is evident that the blue felted more than the pink. With the way that the pattern is written, it may not make any difference.

Here is a picture of the back of the felted swatch for all you sickies out there that are curious about the way it looks.

The owner of the LYS is going to do a similar swatch using the worsted weight of the same yarn to see how that turns out. We shall see...


At 3:37 PM, Blogger Jenifer said...

Wow, that's cool. I have yet to pick up the book. (Key word: yet.)


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