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Monday, October 03, 2005

Hey Yall

Been crazy busy around these parts lately. I had a great week last week. My folks, who live in the Pensacola area, came in for a quick visit. It's amazing how many little things I skip when I'm cleaning, until I know Mom's going to be visiting. Most of the early week was spent cleaning those little things.
She and Dad stayed until Friday. I got them to pose with the sock

though it was pretty clear to me that they didn't "get" why they were both holding onto a sock. I love my parents. Who else could I get to humor these odd requests...

After they left I got quite a bit of knitting done, including refinishing my OSW. I had finished it a few weeks ago but the bind off cut too much so I decided I needed to try a different one.

I used a kitchner bind-off (I've also heard it called tubular and invisible) and liked it much better. It's not terribly comfortable but it's really cute so I imagine I'll wear it a lot anyway. I used Galway yarn to make it and it's a bit itchy. I'd love to make another in something a little more against-the-skin friendly yarn.


At 12:00 PM, Blogger Wanda said...

That's such a cute picture of your parents. I'm sure they were wondering what the heck and why they were holding a sock, but it's sweet that they did it anyway!


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