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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Portable Knitting

I decided that I needed some knitting going that was a bit more portable. Not that I don't have enough projects going already, but most of them have cabling, charts, intarsia, or other more complicated aspects. It doesn't facilitate the kind of thing I'd like to be working on when I'm hanging out with my pals.

So to remedy this I've cast on for a Ribby Cardi.

The gray will be my main color and comes from my stash. I bought the purple at the same time as my HiP yarn. It's such a cute pattern. I can't wait for our next local meetup so I can work on it (I won't allow myself to work on it outside of meetups because I'd finish it up too fast and then would be in the same spot I was in before I cast on).


At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Wanda said...

Not that I would tell you that you needed to start another project, but you did need something simple for knit groups, that is true. I need something simple for this trip to NY and I think I will take socks, a baby sweater for one of the new nephews and maybe start a Clapotis. Not sure about the Clap's start just yet or not. I think I want to finish up a few other things first.


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