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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Peas in a Pod

I know I've mentioned this once before but I wanted to reiterate how highly I recommend the Cast On podcast. The most recent edition has a wonderful essay written and read by one of our favorite knitter/cartoonist/funny man Franklin (a.k.a. Panopticon). Need some laugh out loud humor this morning? Check it out. You don't need an ipod to listen, just something that can listen to mp3s.

I presented the bowl last night in class. It went over very well. I'm not usually the kind of person that is concious about being outnumbered in any situation. I think it's from being in the military and in the technical industry. I'm always outnumbered. But in this class, it's been almost painfully obvious to me that I'm the only girl. Especially when my presentations are very often about knitting or other crafty, traditionally "womanly" things. Everyone was very nice about these presentations but looking out on a classroom full of men and trying to explain how cool it would be to own a yarn shop or why going to a pottery shop to paint a bowl to hold yarn in is a pretty tough sell. I made it through though. Whew.

The journal container also went over very well. The teacher seemed to get a real kick out of it. Sweet.

Saturday night I finished up the kitty pi for Tami. I still need to felt it but I really like how it turned out (and how much leftover stash it used up).

The stripes at the top don't match because I started running out of yarn but that is ok. Since that was the point I won't hold it against the pi. Besides, I really don't think Tami will care. I think I'll sew a fabric bottom on once it's felted so I can tuck in the heating pad.

Thanks for all the great recommendations for the tree issue. I started with just the aluminum foil in the tree base and she seems to have stopped. Thanks to the holidays, I'm writing it off as "decoration" for now. :D


At 7:44 AM, Blogger Calling Kahlo said...

I love making kitty pis. I have made several and they are a quick knit. I am making them now for gifts for my friends' cats.


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