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Monday, January 31, 2005

New Favorite Kntting Book

How many of you saw this book and thought that it was all about how to have a good stash?

Well, I did. I wish I had actually browsed through it a long time ago. There are so many wonderful patterns in this book that I want to make. I think the first thing will be this bag

Do I really need another felted bag? What does that have to do with anything?? I highly encourage anyone that hasn't picked this book up and thumbed through it to do so.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Eat your vegetables

We all know that eating plenty of vegetables is good for us. We all know exercising at least a half hour three times a week is good for us. We know these things, but most of us don't do them (me included). Why? Cause they are BORING!!

The new years idea of working one project a week wouldn't be so bad if I didn't want to make so many things. And I already have the yarn for them all. Staring at me from the corner. Wondering when I'd finish that stupid, boring project I was working on so I could start working on them. Good for me or not, resolution is out the window.

So what's first? The Tartan Jacket from the Fall 2004 IK. I fell in love with this jacket when I first saw it. I ordered all the yarn that it called for (slightly boring way to go but I really like it exactly like it is shown). Many of the colors were backordered until a few weeks ago when I finally got the last of it. It's all been sitting in a bag in my stash crying out for me to begin. So tonight I will. (Maybe I'll have some vegetables with dinner to make up for it.)

Monday, January 24, 2005

Market Squares Progress

We've got progress here!

The market squares bag is taking shape. I was able to finish through tier 6 this last week. I was pretty busy with work and school or I might have made it further. I got three of the tiers done over the weekend alone.

It's a fast and fun knit so far. Still knitting backwards but I prefer to purl if the stockinette row is long enough. Entralac has you turn your work so frequently I feel like I'm much faster just knitting backwards.

I'm really glad I changed my color order. I hadn't really decided what order to do the colors in until I joined the bag-along and someone pointed out that the Knitters website has a neat tool to let you design your bag virtually.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Evergreen Aran

This "one project per week" thing is really working out well for me. I'm really bad about starting projects and then letting them sit in the corner for months. By the time the months have gone by I've either lost interest entirely, or the idea of trying to figure out where I left off is so daunting it sits there for a few more months.

The Evergreen Aran is coming along very nicely. It's slow going though. After working on it for a week I was ready to set it down and work on something that would actually show some progress. I did want to post a photo of where I left off at the end of last week though. It'll at least give me a point of reference for after the next week I work on it.

Commuter Knitting

I usually try to keep one project that I keep in the car. I don't knit while I drive, though I've often contemplated it when stuck in traffic on the Interstate. I think it would freak the people out around me too much, and I'd rather be prepared for any crazies (which we seem to never be in short supply of) that are in a bigger hurry than everyone else.

Right now my "commuter knitting" is a bamboo handled bag. It is crocheted, rather than knitted, which isn't as challenging as I used to believe. There are really only three different stitches used, which helps a lot. I took a class for this bag at the beginning of this month and have been working on it during most of my lunch breaks since then.

The pattern is from Hooked on Crochet. Here's a picture from the book of what it would look like if I didn't have plans to change a bunch of things:

I don't care for the round handles because I think it closes the bag too much. There is a sample one at my LYS and I could barely get my hand in there. So I'm going with silver colored D shaped bamboo handles. The LYS said she would be getting some in soon so I'll just keep plugging away at the bag until they are in.

I also didn't like the macrame edging they put at the bottom of the bag. I bought some beautiful beads I'm going to put along the D handle on the front side of the purse. Here's a picture of those (sorry they are kinda hard to see):

I'm using Tahki cotton to make the bag and have already finished one side.

I followed the directions for the top of the bag, so it bunches quite a bit. I may end up changing that a bit since I'm not using the handles that are "called for". Otherwise it's been a pleasant "knit". Challenging enough to keep my attention but not so complicated I get mad and chuck the crochet hook across the room. And a cute bag to boot. I'd recommend it for a beginner if they wanted to learn to crochet.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Market Squares Bag

The Market Squares Bag-Along officially started on Saturday. Here's a decent shot of the yarn I'm using to make mine. It's Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Worsted. I really got going on it last night and am already on Tier 3. It's such a fun and quick knit. Almost mindless. But not quite.

I decided to try knitting backward to make this because of how short the rows were. I've heard that it was faster but I don't really feel like it is. It's faster when I'm working on something like this just because you never knit more than 10 or 12 stitches before you have to turn your work.

Knitting backward took a little getting used to but I've got it down now and find it's as quick as purling is. I've never been averse to purling though. If you hate purling I'd definitely suggest learning how to knit backward.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Christmas Finished

OK. Enough dragging out all the Christmas stuff. I'm bored already. I did want to share a couple of things so they are all going in this post.

Here are my slippers. You didn't think I'd make my whole family felted clogs and not make myself a pair did you? *Grin*

Tami was a bit concerned about why it smelled like I had a sheep on my foot so she investigated further. Talk about "open mouth insert foot".

Here is a shot of one of the flower washcloths I made. I made a total of six for the girls and gave each of them out with a nice soap I got from Wild Oats. Each of the colors are shown here. I only have one picture of a finished one. Don't worry. They all looked the same. They are quite a bit larger than I had expected. I thought they'd be about the size of my hand but in truth it envelops my hand when held out with palm flat. Very nice stuff.

Last but not least I finished the Silk Garden Cowl that I had decided to make Jenny. It's not a Christmas gift really but matches the hat I already gave her so I'll post about it here anyway. It was a simple pattern and made a very lovely cowl. I still have some of this yarn left (about one skein) I used most of it for the gifts. Hooray for stash busting.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rock-a-bye week

Last week I worked on Rock-a-Bye baby all week. I got twelve squares done (some were already done, I didn't make all twelve just last week). We'll see how this one project a week thing turnes out. So far so good. It keeps me from leaving a project sitting there for a month or more then not wanting to work on it anymore. It's also prevented me from casting on about four more projects because I know I'll have to wait four more weeks between each to work on it.

Here are squares 1 through 4

And 5 through 8

And finally 9 through 12.

Only 37 more to go. Geez. What was I thinking.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More Christmas Gifts

Dad enjoyed the Hat (Gaby) and Scarf (Foster) I made him.

He really liked the pockets in the scarf. I was hoping he would.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Forsa Fini And New Years Resolutions

I gifted the Forsa Mittens and scarf to my kid sister for Christmas. She's a kid from Florida that is now living in Salt Lake City so I figured she'd need them more urgently than I would. I've lived in the cold long enough to build up a warm wardrobe, where she is new to the coldness.

The hat was a pattern I found here. The brim of the hat has an easy lacy stitch pattern to it. The pattern is for the hat and also has a cute cowl that matches it. I'm making a cowl with the last bit of this Noro. Hooray for using stash. :D

Here's a nice shot of the top of the hat.

It makes me remember why I like Noro.

I'm not a huge fan of the New Years resolution but I've seen this idea floating in the Knitting Blog-sphere and like it. It's a list of things I'd like to do with my knitting this year.

In 2005 I'd like to:
* Use a fair chunck of the stash I've acquired. I bought all that stuff for a reason and need to get on with using it. It makes me feel guilty every time I look at it.
* Make a baby blanket for my friend BEFORE she has the baby. I started the blanket and had planned to make two (I have two friends that are expecting) but then realized the amount of work that would be involved in making this.
* Make a nice afghan for my living room. We bought new furniture last year with our tax return and I don't have any throws or afghans that will look nice with the new fabric. I had bought a afghan kit from Yarn Express, but I also ordered an item that was on back order. Instead of sending me that part of the order that was not on back order they held the whole thing. So when my back ordered item was available my afghan kit was not. They are not planning on restocking the afghan kit. I'm quite peeved over the whole mess. You'd think they would at least set one of the kits aside (since I ORDERED it) until they got the back ordered yarn in. Or even, imagine it, sent me the part of the order that was ready. Hmmm. Note to self... don't shop there again. Or make sure each order has only one item... Hmpf. I digress...
* Make a fair isle sweater that will fit. Bjerk by Dale of Norway has me down in the dumps. I don't think I'll try to make her again. Even if I did redo her and make her fit I'd just think of what a pain it was every time I see it. I tend to lose interest in a project once I've made it once already. I'm sure I'll find great uses for the yarn I bought and already have several ideas on what to do with it (see item one). I'd really like to make an Alice Starmore design or something from Poetry in Sitches.
* Keep a knitting journal with yarns used, pattern sources, etc. I changed my WIP/FO area to handle this the other day and think it may just work.
* To knit ONLY ONE PROJECT A WEEK, from Sunday to Saturday ... this allows me multiple ongoing WIPs, but also means that I will hopefully finish projects. The ONLY times I will cast on for new projects mid-week is when I've just finished one (an incentive!). (this idea was stolen from Jenifer).

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Christmas Gifties

Dad was a bit confused at first what these oversized thumbless mittens were for but was determined to make me feel good about making them for him.

Once he understood they were actually slippers he tried them on his feet.

Jenny and Mom followed suit

Living in an arid climate has me spoiled. I couldn't believe how wet they stayed, even with fans on them. They finally had a nice day outside after I left so they stuck them out there, where they finally dried. Here are some dried shots of them:

They are really enjoying them, which makes me very happy. I think they turned out really cute. Mom's has some fall colored Squiggle around the cuff and for Jenny's I used something called Parade around the cuff and a little around the base.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Moms Scarf

Mom was nice enough to model her new scarf and send some photos. I think it looks fabulous on her.

This shot shows the stitch definition a little bit better. The colorway is dark though so it is a bit difficult to see.

I had a good question about this pattern yesterday and decided to answer it here rather than privately. I hope that is ok with the questioner.

Question for you... I was reading the comments on that scarf pattern earlier today, and there were some problems posed that didn't have answers to them... Did you do it with the 30 stitches listed, or increase or decrease to make an odd number, like one poster suggested it needed to be? What cast-on and bind-off did you use? Some people were having trouble finding one they thought looked good with it. TIA - Leisel

I used the 30 stitches called for in the pattern. Because of the way the stitch is made it ends up working out perfectly with an even number of stitches. I can see the logic in using an odd number but the stitch pattern would not come out staggered if you did.

I used the cable cast on method. I didn't like it at first but once I got a few rows into the scarf the cast on disappeared anyway. For bind-off I used the plain cast off method, but varied it by following the stitch pattern as I cast the stitches off. Normally I would knit every stitch then cast them off but I didn't like the way that looked. Following the stitch pattern was a little trickier but wasn't impossible and I felt like it looked better.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Yawn and Stretch

I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday time. I enjoyed my little vacation to sunny Florida and spending time with my family. They loved all their little knitted gifties, which thrilled me to no end. One day they might actually send me copies of the photos we took so I can share the joy with you.

I found that, after knitting like a mad-woman to have everything done by Christmas, I wasn't much in the mood to knit while I was on my vacation. I made my mother a beautiful scarf out of Manos del Uruguay (a rust, garnet, brown, gold colorway) using this pattern. It turned out beautifully (still waiting on those photos though...). Considering I was there over a week that really isn't much knitting. It was kinda nice actually.

Now that I'm back I started working on a baby blanket for one of my dear friends that is expecting a child. It's moving along quicker than I had originally expected and I may end up making two of the same blanket (since I have two friends expecting). The blanket is from 100 afghan squares to knit and is called Rock-a-bye-baby. I didn't use the yarn called for (Rowan cotton glace) but decided that Lion Brand Baby Soft had the colors I wanted and gauge I needed. It's turning out great and is very soft.