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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

True Blue

In true blue style I've agreed that Tuesdays are for knitalongs.

So where am I on all these Knit-a-longs I now find myself a member of?

Rogue - I haven't picked up Rogue since before my vacation. She still looks like this.

Must Have Cardigan - Making some real progress here. I want to get her done this week if possible. I still need to find the perfect buttons. Anyone have suggestions for a fab button shop?

Fall Cables - Haven't had any time for this either. I've gotten a few rows done but no picture. I'll do better next week. Swear.

6 Sox - I've finished three repeats on the cuff of my first sock (no picture - I need to plan this better...)

Another Weasley - I love the idea of the bookscarf but I just can't make myself work on it. I'm sure I'll get the "fever" for it sometime. I have decided instead to make a HiP and ordered some Peruvian Collection Highland Wool from Elann yesterday to make it with. Yippie.

Scarf Style - Vintage Velvet is coming along very nicely. (you'll have to take my word for it... no picture.)

Wrap Style - I visited my LYS today and found out that the yarn she ordered is in! Hooray, something else I don't have the time to make but will anyway. I am actually very excited about making this and am looking forward to getting my kit (she didn't have them "kitted" yet so I still haven't see all the colors she picked out).

Weekend Getaway - I got my yarn last week and thought about casting on this last weekend but decided that I've got enough going and I MUST finish at least one thing before starting this. We shall see if my resolve lasts though...

Monday, September 26, 2005


I saw this the other day at Knitter In Progress and really liked it. I decided today was the day for it.

The idea is to go to Google and find pictures and/or information of some of the things in your life: (1) your first car; (2) the place you grew up; (3) the place you live now; (4) what comes up first when you type in your name; (5) favorite food; (6) favorite drink; (7) favorite song; (8) favorite smell; (9) favorite pair of shoes ever.

(1) My first car was a 1972 Plymouth Duster (the color is the same as in the photo but it had a black vinyl or leather top stretched over the metal roof)

(2) I grew up all over the place. We lived in

Ft. Benning, Georgia (which I just found out is the home of the Army Infantry)

Ramstein, Germany

San Antonio, Texas

Omaha, Nebraska

DeRidder, Louisiana (twice)

Berlin, Germany (my favorite)

and finally Milton, Florida. I graduated high school in Milton so I'd say that is where I finished growing up.

(3) Now I live in Aurora, Colorado (my second favorite)

(4) This site appears first when I type in my name.

(5) I know it's cheesy (sorry, bad pun) but I lived on this stuff for a few years and still love it.

You are "Kraft Macaroni and Cheese". You cost a little more,
due to your promotional shapes and packaging, but the kids
won't stand for less. You try and be individual in
spite of this though. You prefer to be called "Cheese and
Macaroni" thank you very much.
Take the What Kind of Macaroni and Cheese Are You? Quiz Created by LJ User RobProv222

(6)Sunshine Wheat Beer from New Belgium Brewing Company

(7) Turn Me On by Norah Jones (currently)

8) That's a tie between these

(9) My Docs - not only are they the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned, but they were the first pair I ever bought myself because I wanted them rather than because I had to have them.

This is a fun one but be warned... It'll eat up your day if you let it.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Trip Photos

As promised, here are some pictures from the river trip.

I finished up my OSW last night but I cast off too tightly and will have to re-do it.

I was working on my vintage velvet scarf today at lunch and realized that the pattern has a 22 row repeat, not the 16 row repeat that I'd been doing. I noticed the cables looked a little wonky but I couldn't figure out why. Oh well.

I'm sure things will improve soon. In fact, I know they will since I'll be spending the evening knitting with some of my favorite people. Have a good weekend all!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Little Shopping Spree

Well, this thing definitely won't be finished in a weekend...

I signed up for the Weekend Satchel Knitalong quite a while ago. I ordered the yarn before I signed up but I waited 10 minutes too late and ended up on the list of people waiting for the backordered yarn. (OK. Probably an exaggeration but GOSH). I guess Lopi didn't get a heads up that this bag was going to be such a phenomenon and sold out of the main color. The great news though is that I got all the yarn for it yesterday. Yeah!!

Now that's a lot of yarn. Mr. Sittin' had quite a reaction to the bags I carried in after work yesterday...

Familiar anyone? I thought it was funny.

I also purchased some alpaca for some wrist warmers for myself (since my initial pair was confiscated). This is yummy stuff!

I'll be using the pattern from Last Minute Knitted gifts. Hmmm. Christmas is fast approaching. We'll have to see what can be done here...

I also picked up the new knitting calendar - bout the same as this years. For the price I think it's a great deal. I usually find twice as many patterns I'd make in it compared to a book that costs more. I glanced through it quickly. It seems to have more complicated patterns in it with charts so one pattern covers several days but I'd rather they do that then have every pattern be something simple or silly.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I strained my hands a bit during the trip (I think it was from holding on to the boat too tight) and was trying to ace wrap them while I sleep to keep them from curling up and falling to sleep during the night. But yesterday I decided why use crummy old ace bandages when I could knit something...

Enter Crumble.

It's made out of Rowan Big Wool (I had a ball left over after the Christmas gifts were finished last year) so it knit up really fast. I had to modify the crap out of the pattern but it's an easy enough pattern that it only took a few minutes and a calculator. They are warm and fun. I'm not usually a big fan of the chunky knit but I like these.
So we'll have to give them a thumbs up.

I have two dilema's though. One is that they feel large enough to be boxing gloves...

The second is that Mr. Sittin' has confiscated them. He decided they'd be optimal for him. Plus they are gray... Must be a sign...

When I left home this morning he was field testing them. He had one pulled over his left sleeve and the other tucked under the right and was running around the house to see which way ended up letting in more of a breeze. It was quite entertaining to watch. I'll have to check back with him to see what other sorts of tests were devised (rumors of running through sprinklers were floating when I left for work...) and their outcomes.

I guess I'll have to knit myself another pair... Might have to go with pink so he won't run off with them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Well, we made it back in one piece. Been cleaning gear since we hit the door. Camping and rafting for a week was great but *Man* a shower never felt so good.

I didn't get a whole lot of knitting done on the trip. I'm not terribly comfortable on the river and found that most of my time was spent holding onto the raft so I wouldn't tip out. Silly me. Knitting on whitewater rapids...

There was a bit of flat water between each rapid and by day three I was comfortable enough (found my sea legs and stuff) to get a little knitting in.

I'm working on my One Skein Wonder here. It's really the only thing that got any attention because after we got off the boats and did chores (like cook dinner and set up camp, etc) it was dark out. Everything else required that I memorize a pattern or chart - though the charts were easy - and I didn't have the energy for anything but plain 'ol stokinette.

This is as far as I got on OSW

I worked on my Amble sock - pattern is from the Six Sox Knitalong - but didn't bring a post it note and found the chart too difficult to work on in a moving vehicle.

So there you have the exciting details of the knitting that went on my adventure. Tommorow I'll have to divert from knitting content and show you pictures of the trip.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Thursday, September 08, 2005

One More Update

I leave for vacation directly after work today. Relaxation and knitting. But no blogging. I promise to post picture when I return. Some should even qualify for the extreme knitting contest. But, as I've got alot to say before I go, I should warn you the following post is pretty long.

Must Have - Really, I Must
So, I thought I was nearly there on my Must Have cardi. After all, I finished the sleeves and they are always the last thing you knit. So why did I have so much yarn left over?

Well, my friend, it is because I never knit the back. It's true. I was in a great deal of distress over not being able to find the back of the sweater that-I-must-have. I found both fronts. I paired them up with both my sleeves. I started gathering the yarn together so I could pick up my little button band. Then I started considering the mass quantity of yarn I had sitting there. I ordered this yarn specifically for this project. And I've heard of sweater patterns calling for a bit more yarn than you really need, but REALLY. There are six skeins in ths bag above. That's a little overboard don't you think?

Then it hits me. That stinkin' light again. DH, on with the shades again. And I realize I was so excited about knitting my first cardigan I started with the front. Progressed right along to the sleeves, and have just now (Labor Day actually) cast on for the back. Guess it'll be a little while before I get to wear this baby.

Rogue - still...

Rogue is making steady progress. She's not up to the armholes just yet, unlike our two speed deamons, but she's getting there.

Sorry for the dark photo. It's hard to get a decent shot of this one. The yarn is a bit dark and if it's cloudy or dark outside it's too dark to get a good pic.

And our lovely kangaroo pocket is finished. You can see a bit more of the color flecks I've mentioned before. I really like them now. I guess I just had to get used to them more than anything else. Want to join us? Feel free!!

Flower Bag
I've finished my flower basket bag. In fact, I'm using it at work today. I didn't do as much as the pattern calls for. At least for now. I really like it as is. I may add some leaves or something later on but I'm sticking with what works for the time being.

Speaking of sticking, I have a small dilema. I used little velcro circles to stick the flowers on. I purchased the sew on kind of velcro. But the dang things have sticky stuff on their backsides. What happens is that when I attempt to sew them onto the bag they get my needle all sticky and it become a real bear to sew with. I've gotten them slightly attached but they need a bit more securing so I don't lose any of the flowers (plus I didn't bother with the fluffy side of the velcro yet, and just have the felted flower directly stuck to the velcro). Any ideas for keeping the sewing needle from getting all gummed up?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A few things

Black Cherry
I finished knitting up my Black Cherry bag. I love it but can't seem to bring myself to seam it up. There seems to be a reocurring theme around that at my house...

I do need advice if anyones got any, on the R2 ribbon I used. It unravels like crazy on the ends. I know I should weave all the ends in, but let's be realistic here... I'm more likely to line the bag. In the mean time these stupid silver strings are everywhere because it takes nothing to get them started unraveling and then they don't seem to stop. Would burning the ends stop this? Ideas are appreciated!!

Have you ever noticed how the Rebecca pattern names are so boring???

I started the "Sweater with Relief Pattern" at least 2 years ago (maybe more). It was my first pattern that required the use of a chart. I got quite a ways through this sweater (all the way to the neckline to be exact) when I found an error in the pattern. It was an error in the pattern, mind you, not an error on my part. Boy, did that take a while for me to realize...

The error was not horrific (we are using hindsight here folks) but at the time it was an astounding problem. So much so that the entire project has lived in my knitting stash for two full years. I pulled it out this past weekend because I had every intetion of donating the last of my acrylic stash that I would never use to a local school for knitting classes. I couldn't bear to rip out this whole sweater that, even though I will never wear it, was so much hard work.

So I sat down and made something up that would provide an acceptable neckline and would even look like the photo in the magazine. I show you pictures as evidence that I completed this work. It is now in the Goodwill bin. May it be worn and loved by someone... Me? I can't stand looking at it anymore (and I'm pretty sure it would look better on someone with a larger bustline.

If you are brave, you can click on the photo for a picture of the back - Please fogive the saggy britches and dirty mirror.

My biggest complaint is that the way I'm standing in the photo is the *only* way I can stand with that shirt on and have it look right. The sleeves are poorly designed, on top of which I'm not using a very forgiving yarn. The back will bunch up all wierd if I move at all. (Thus my thoughts on this looking better on someone that can fill out the top a bit better).

Remember Gigi? She was a short lived passion of mine. If I had paid a little more attention to what I was doing I might have figured it out before now...

Turns out that the yarn I was using (GGH Davos) calls for a 6-7 needle. But those are 6-7mm, not US. (Why do we have to be so difficult with the dang measuring of things??) You would think the 14sts/10cm would have given this away, but no... Sigh.

Other than the wings I get at my waist when I wear Gigi, one of my main dislikes of this knit was the thickness of the fabric. Hmmm.... I guess I have learned something after all these years of knitting after all. I took one look at the leftover Davos, trying to figure out what to use it for, and this light bulb came on above my head. Apparently it was a blinding light because DH had to put on his shades.

So Gigi is going to die a painless death and become something new. I was originally going for something mindless that I could sit around and knit with my buddies, or while reading a book. Why oh why did I pick this then?

From Fall 2005 Interweave

Because it's gorgeous, that is why. I'm going to have to stick with that answer because the alternative is a little too painful to contimplate...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thank you

I’m so grateful for all the eloquent knitting bloggers we have in our community. My heart goes out to everyone in the New Orleans/Biloxi area and the suffering they have had to endure. I find that I am not gifted with the words to express these feelings. Thank you to those that are.

Wrap Style

There are so many things I'd like out of this book. Truthfully, I hated it the first time I browsed it's pages. But sitting at my LYS over lunch hour I found myself glancing through it over and over (five times actually) and decided that if I could look at it that much I must like it. Now I'm addicted. Of the many items I'm in love with, I'm most in love with this

My favorite LYS doesn't carry Jamieson, and the price on that particular yarn is a bit of an inhibition in making it. So we decided that NatureSpun sport might work (lots of colors, can get gauge, etc.). So in an effort to get things moving along, I've completed my first ever swatch for a felted item.

I used several techniques as the caplet will require them and I wanted to see what happens when each technique was felted. The trim at the top was done using fair isle techniques, the top of the heart was done with intarsia using a bobin rather than carrying the yarn behind, and the bottom of the heart used intarsia bobbin-less.

The finished result was interesting. I'm not sure that I'm happy with it. I did learn that you have to monitoring the felting much more closely than when felting a bag or other "heftier" item. I think it was because the swatch was so small and thin, but it came out of the washer in a little ball and I had to strech and pull quite a bit to get it to lay flat.

With all the streching I can't be certain about how much it shrunk. But we could strech it back out to a good 4" (was 5" before felting). The blue felted much faster than the pink (this causes me great concern, but I'll be consulting someone with more experience in felting about this part). It's not just a matter of stitch detail, which as you can see above, the pink still readily shows off. It's that the pink is larger than the blue. You can only tell at the top part that was done primarily in blue and in fair isle. It did not cause any puckering or pulling around the heart, even though it is evident that the blue felted more than the pink. With the way that the pattern is written, it may not make any difference.

Here is a picture of the back of the felted swatch for all you sickies out there that are curious about the way it looks.

The owner of the LYS is going to do a similar swatch using the worsted weight of the same yarn to see how that turns out. We shall see...