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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Endless Rib

The Ribby Cardi is moving along quickly. I finished up the right front this weekend and have gotten pretty far on both sleeves

I love this color. I hate the rib. Ok. I don't hate it but it feels endless. I am glad to be doing both sleeves at once though. I just like that once I take them off the needles I know there is nothing left.

Homework is going nicely too. For my Creative Leadership class I had to create a container for my journal - using creativity. I decided that my journal would be kept on blank note cards (one per day) and each week is tied together with a ribbon. The weekly summary will be written on the ribbon. These notes will be put into a felted mailbox.

Instead of knitting the front and back to fit I opted to make squares and cut them to fit. I still need to shave them (any of the heathered colors in Lambs Pride are seriously fuzzy when they are felted) and put it all together. I also have some red to make the little flag on the side of the box. Once it's felted I'll show you the "U.S. Mail" on the front and back peice. It's too fuzzy to see it right now.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Quick and Painless

I decided it was time to retire the idea that I will ever pick up some of the items I've been working on. They were started with good intentions but the infatuation was over quickly. I promise their demise was quick and painless.

The Cabled Shrug

It is a beautiful but very complex pattern. Could I have continued? Sure. I just wasn't feeling the love and decided that I should love the things I plan to spend that much time with.


I love this pattern and will most likely make one this spring. I love Calmer and will take nearly any excuse to use it. I just wasn't digging this color for the main part of my T and found another pattern that I think will look awsome with this yarn. NBaT dies today but should rise again.

My Must Have is threatening a slight nervous breakdown. Someone posted on my blog ages ago about the sleeves not fitting correctly. "Not mine" I convinced myself (silly silly woman that I am) and have come to learn exactly what my angel was trying to point out. They don't flippin fit. I decided that I'd rather modify the sleeves than the front and back of the cardigan. I thought about shortening that but then the overall cardigan will be shorter and it's already a pretty short cardi. I'll be brining this puppy to the next knitting group for some serious pattern modification assistance.

The holidays were great. I got to spend it with my DH, so aside from his standard silliness it was a great, quiet weekend. I also managed a few knit nights with the local grrls.

Hope you had fun too!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Not only do I think Adrienne Vittadini is a talented designer, but her name is really fun to say. Go on, give it a try. See?

I started my Ruffle Lace Cardigan Saturday. I love this sweater. I am very glad to have taken the class though because the teacher has already completed hers so not only do I know this is possible, but she worked through all the quirks and provided us with a great little cheat sheet so we don't have to repeat the pain.

As with most pinks and reds this photo isn't all that true to the color but it shows the pattern pretty well. My only concern is that I'm about a half a stitch off (4.5 instead of 4) from the gauge. I only lose about 2" in the back. I worry that if I go up a needle size I'll end up too big.

What would you do in this instance? I'm not that far along that frogging would make me cry, but I'd rather not if there are some creative suggestions for alternative action...

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Been knitting away but haven't taken any photos so I haven't bothered to share till today. I know I tend to skip over the photo-less entries so why post one myself. ;D

I spent a fun evening with my pals looking through pattern books trying to pick just the right thing for my secret scarf exchange pal. I picked out something I thought would be lovely. It will be made from these two very lovely yarns held together.

We have Knit Picks Shadow (very lovely) lace weight wool and some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn in the Earth colorway. Yum. I'm really enjoying knitting with these. Hope my pal does too but who can really resist the Cherry Tree Hill.

We also have the Fair Isle Jazz scarf from Scarf Style

I'm using Mission Falls 1824 Wool for this (what a lovely yarn, pity they are closing their doors) and am finished with the striped lining. I started the fair isle bit today at lunch. I hope it turns out well. I'm sure it'll be fine but I'm nervous about doing fair isle on an item that is knit flat (which means I'll have to work fair isle on the purl side of my work). I can't do it two handed but I think it's turning out nicely anyway. I love the colors too. The teal that is shown in the larger stripe above will be the color of the cabled area.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Wow. I haven't been this happy to see a Friday in at least a week. Ha.

Actually, this Friday is better than the average Friday because I get to hang out with some of my grrls tonight. I can't wait.
Beginning with a brainstorming session over what scarf to make for our International Scarf Exchange pals and then migrating to the home of a lovely and talented lady for an evening of eating, socializing, and maybe a bit of knitting. What could be better really?

This scarf exchange is so exciting. I have over a dozen books in my car for us to browse. I also have a bunch of ideas printed out from a variety of blogs (thanks for all those great recommendations Leisel!)

I think Denver is inordinantly lucky with the number of knitting shops we have, but we also have a ton of great knitting groups. Anyone new to the area really should check out a few of them (I'm only listing the ones I have attended/am a member of and can vouch for. There are tons more): MHCKnitters, DenverKnits, The Knitty Cats and LittletonKnittingMeetup

This weekend should be fun too. I signed up for a class at my LYS back in July and have been looking foward to it for what feels like years. It's for the Lace and Ruffle Cardigan from the Adrienne Vittadini Spring 2005 collection. I bought the yarn it calls for (for her line of yarns - it actually very reasonablly priced) in a beautiful coral pink. I'm really happy that I'm taking the class because from what the LYS owner tells me the pattern leaves most of the detail out of the pattern in the "following pattern, increase over x rows" style we all love. I saw the notes the shop owner took and man am I glad that is part of what she's handing out in class. Whoo hoo!

Hope everyone has a great weekend too!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pockets full of Ribs

I haven't posted pictures of the Ribby Cardi in quite a while. I only work on it when I'm out with the grrls but am finding it to be a very quick knit. That or I've been out with the grrls alot lately...

This is the back and front left panel of the cardi. I'll be starting the right panel Friday. The back looks like it'll fit fine but the front seems a bit small. I haven't read through the whole pattern yet but I think all I'm going to do is pick up stitches for an I-cord band so it's not going to get alot of extra width. I'm very pleased with it so far though.

I've also been working alot on the Pocket Dreams baby blankie. It's addicting. You switch colors every round and I find myself saying "Just one more round..." often.

It's perfect non-thinking knitting. Increases every other round and switching colors is really all there is to think about. Plain stockinette rocks! I can't wait to make the little teddy bear though. I haven't decided which color to use. I'm leaning toward the bright pink or I have a white that is color speckled that would be cute. Doesn't really matter right now but I need to control that thought before I end up making five of the little buggers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Still here

I'm still around and I've even been knitting. Apparently I haven't been taking any pictures of that knitting (something I didn't notice until I was sitting here at work wondering what to show you). Sigh.

I had a lovely weekend. I was able to spend some time with the grrls at Stacey's for a Harry Potter movie-thon.

I need ideas for my International Scarf Exchange. Something fun but not too intense and it has to be a scarf. Ha. I own Scarf Style and don't mind the idea of something from it since it's such a fabulous book, but I'd like to ensure I've covered all the options since I know there are some seriously cool ideas out there. Any suggestions??

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Velvet Love

I love velvet. Red velvet cake. Velvet curtains. That velvet rope in museums. Even those velvet paintings that always seem to be of Elvis. But I love my vintage velvet scarf more than anything of those things.

Before I show you the full glory that is now a vintage velvet scarf I must explain the finishing process. I can see now how people can get nervous about finishing their knitting now.

First we have a finished shot (click for a close up). On my monitor at home this photo is very true to the color of the scarf. Lovely deep eggplant.

Then the harrowing part begins. You set your washer to hot...

Put this glorious creation of sweetly soft yarn into a bag... Yes. In a machine, not by hand. No delicate cycle for this. We're talking traditional (I guess it would be more modern than traditional) felting.

Now folks, I have felted quite a few bags in my time. I've felted other things too but we won't talk about the pre-knitting days when the "What do you mean I have to hand wash these wool socks?" kinds of things happened.

First off, did you know that rayon can be felted? I didn't. I'm reading these instructions, looking at my synthetic yarn scarf (that is incredibly soft) and wondering what kind of crap this designer is smoking because you don't do that kind of thing to something this nice. You want me to shrink it and then melt it????

This last part is the really scary stuff (skip ahead if you need to). When you take the scarf from the washer it feels like a cross between beef jerky and wet suede.

Thank heaven someone had warned me about this because, folks, this thing felt so bad I would have melted into a pile of tears at the first touch. I've held rodents that are softer.

Next you throw this bad boy in the dryer. Again, very thankfully I was warned first that this part was necessary. Had I not been I would have still been a big mess of tears and snot sitting in front of the dryer. So I trusted my friend was not leading me astray, but that my scarf would turn out as lovely and buttery as her own did. So dryer time was served. Then the last bit was spent under a ceiling fan in the guest room.

Today? Ah. Today she's on. I wore her from about the minute I hit the door last night until the typing of this post...

Ahhh. Ladies, save those nickels and dimes cause this is soooo worth it.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Meme from Me

What is your all time favorite yarn to knit with?
Oooh. That’s a tough one. I love Cascade Pima Tencel. I hope its durable though. It “shed” quite a bit in it’s first wash. I had horror filled visions of the whole thing just falling apart. I might like to knit with it but I’d like what I knit to last a while too. I also love Lorna’s Laces Shepard series. It is very nice to work with and wonderful colors. I think my favorite will be my Brooks Farm Primero Yarn if I ever get brave enough to knit with it. It is the softest yarn I’ve ever felt and I adore the colors they use in almost every skein I’ve ever seen. Nothing too busy. You don’t end up with that one random color that leaves you thinking “if only it was these four colors and this last was left off…” But, since we are talking about knitting in the past tense my current all time favorite is Touch Me from GGH. It’s sinfully pleasant to knit with. It is soft and silky, and though I’ve heard many people complain about worming and other horrors I had no problems with it. The finished item is heaven, even though the finishing process is a bit harrowing (more on that tomorrow).

Your favorite needles?
Skacel Natura. I’ve used all sorts of needles and find myself always going back to my bamboo circulars. I have a bunch of different brands of those too but I love the Skacel best. It’s pretty rare I’ll use a metal needle at all (but if I do I love the turbos).

The worst thing you've ever knit?
Again with the tough questions. I think the thing I liked the least when it was finished was my Triada scarf. I had a different vision for how it was going to end up, I didn’t care for the feel of the yarn I used, and the colors were too vibrant. I haven’t frogged it yet but have plans to turn it into something else this winter.

The worst thing I knit as far as how it turned out was Bjerk. I wasn’t paying attention to my gauge and ended up with something way too small. I’m sure I’ll give it another go someday but for now it’s sitting in the stash.

Your most favorite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it...but it was the most fun to knit)
I really got a kick out of the felted slippers. The pattern is so clever and the slippers are such a big hit with the recipients. It’s easy to get creative with it and works for someone that like something fun and funky just as easily as it does for someone extra conservative.

Most valuable knitting technique?
I have to second Wanda’s choice with this one. Being able to pick up dropped stitches, not fearing a little bit of frogging where it’s necessary, and general after finishing fix-it techniques have kept me from getting so frustrated I quit and have helped me accept that my knitting isn’t perfect but it’s ok because I can fix it later.

Best knit book or magazine?
Best knit book would have to be, Um… I can’t pick just one. I LOVE the Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques. I also Love all the books from Melanie Falick (Weekend Knitting and Handknit Holidays to name a few).
My favorite magazine has to be Interweave Knits. I also love the Rowan magazines. The Rowan ones are just beautiful to look at. I’d love to make many things from each of them but it’s a bit cost prohibitive. Interweave always has such a wide range of projects that there is no doubt I will actually make something from each issue.

Your favorite knitblogs?
I can’t play favorites. I love reading my local grrls blogs and enjoy anyone that can keep me laughing or interested because they are just really good knitters.

Your favorite knitwear designer?
Kim Hargreaves wins here. I consistently find myself looking at something and thinking “Wow, I really like that” only to find out it was designed by her. I also really like Nicky Epstein. I know that Pam Allen doesn’t really fit this category as she is the editor, not necessarily the designer but I love her selections.

The knit item you wear the most? (how about a picture of it!)
I wear my felted clogs the most. But starting tomorrow I think my Vintage Velvet will win out over the clogs.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Gooooouhoooood Morning!

I finally feel caught up on sleep. It's Friday. It's going to be a good day (I decided this early this morning and thus far it's proven true).

There hasn't been a ton of knitting going on lately. I guess the blahs have figured out where I live. I did manage to get around to blocking my Must Have.

I also got the button band picked up and knitted on. I love the band but there are a couple of places that need some "repair". I'll have to expound on that some other time since I don't have any good pictures of the problem areas.

Can I just say one more time how much I LOVE The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie M. Wiseman? Great instruction.

Hope everyone else has a good day too. And a lovely weekend of course.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sweet Dreams

I need a new project on the needles like I need a hole in my head. But don't let me convince you that that stopped me in any way.

I've been hankerin' for some baby afghan knitting lately. I think it has more with my desire to use up the Huge amount of stash I have left after I finished the rock-a-bye baby blanket. I need that space for other stuff. And someone I'm related to is destined to have a child at some point. No harm in being prepared.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Belated Posting

I got a few gifts after my birthday and have neglected to post about them (please don't equate my lack of posting to my disliking them because I LOVE them).

I have looked through this book at least a dozen times now. Every time I pick it up I see the fear in Mr. Sittin's eyes that I'm about to add another hobby to the list...

The stitch markers are TOO cute. Here's a close up so you can see the sequence. They tell a little story.

Thank you thank you thank you. Mwah.