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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Slow Trek

The Cozy Afghan is creeping along. I'm about 10 rows behind on my schedule to get this done on time. Afghan blocks Row#2 is looking ok though.

It looks alot like this: (only horizontially instead of vertically - but I bet you knew that. Oh, and yes, I totally stole some of the pictures from Afghan blocks Row#1 instead of taking new ones.)
Hard to see but there are bobbles in this one

Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Morning

Friday, January 27, 2006

Thank you

Many, many thanks to everyone that left me a note. I didn't even know that many people read my blog. Thanks for some of the great advice you've already given too. Feel free to keep it up. I have a feeling I'll be needing it as the months progress.

As I have a complete lack of anything knitting related to post about I'm joining the meme bandwagon.

4 jobs you have had:
Computer security administator
Receptionist/Front Desk Administration
Revenue Assurance at a Hospice
Checker at Kmart

4 movies you could watch over and over:
All three Lord of the Rings
All three Indiana Jones

4 TV shows you love to watch:
I don't really watch TV, but we are Netflixing Alias right now. CSI is on the list too.

4 places you have been on vacation:
Venice, Italy
Pensacola, Florida
All over Germany
Knoxville, Tennessee

4 websites you visit daily:
iTunes (for my podcasts - NPR, Democracy Now, Slate, Gartner Voice, Cast On, Knitcast, and Chub Creek to name a few)

4 of your favorite foods:
Macaroni and Cheese (Kraft with the fake power cheese - YUM)
Sorbet (raspberry and lemon are my favorite)
Peanutbutter M&Ms

4 places you would rather be right now:
Knitting with a glass of wine on a hill overlooking a vineyard (California or Italy, either would be fine at the moment)
Knitting with a daquri by a pool or at the beach
Knitting with just about any drink as long as the view is fabulous
Knitting at Borders with my friend (which I'm going to be late for if I don't stop here for now...)

4 bloggers you are tagging:
Want it? Go for it!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Big News

No - I didn't buy yarn. *GRIN*

While I often refer to my DH as a DH on this blog, we have never officially tied the knot. We have been together for over seven years now and Colorado law views us as husband and wife but we've not been in any hurry to "finalize" things. Until last week. We have (our family would insert the word "finally" here) picked a date to be wed. Things may get a little quiet over here for the next few months as I'm already starting to lose my mind over the arrangements. Plus work. Plus other family weddings this year. I do have to admit I'm terribly excited about the whole thing though.

Sooo... the big day is August 27th on the sunny beaches of Florida. Anybody want to recommend some good wedding planner types of books?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On Target

We are on track and on target for Operation Big & Cozy. This bugger is going to be HUGE. I finished up the first row of 7 squares on the 15th of this month.

Four of them look like this (you can see a bit of a DVD for a size reference)

Two look like this
And the one in the middle looks like this bad boy
The biggest problem with doing all seven of these squares (thus far) has been the giant knot I end up with as I progress. Thankfully I showed this gnarled mess to a pure genius and she helped me wind the two colors I'm using together into a single ball. Something so obvious I'm still blushing that I didn't think of it. It's helped dramatically. The next challenge... how to deal with the weight of this bugger. It's ok for now but it's pretty heavy for only having one set of squares done. It's going to get pretty bad by the time I finish.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Jazz it Up

There are a few of us local girls that are all working on a Fair Isle Jazz scarf from Scarf Style. We decided it would be a hoot to hang out and work on it, particularly the fair isle bit as a few people had never tried that technique.

So Sunday we gathered. Everyone had finished the stripe section before they arrived. Quick aside: As a note to anyone wanting to make this scarf, there is a stripe section which you can't see anywhere in any picture in that book. It acts as a backing to your fair isle section. It's nice to know I neither have to sew in any ends or worry about the fair isle snagging on anything. Back to the gathering... Everyone got started on their fair isle, in fact I think Cyn was almost caught up with me by the time we un-gathered.

Click for big

I love how different the same scarf can look just by changing up some colors. They are all going to look just fab! Betcha can't guess who's is who's. Heehee.

I'll give you one clue. This one is mine. I wish I could claim that I knit so fast that I did all that yesterday. But I'd be struck by lightening for fibbing if I tried it though. I started my scarf ages ago. I'm on my third attempt with the cable section right now. Problems that are a cross of not paying enough attention and strange droopy bobble issues have hindered progress. Droopy bobbles are not a pretty sight folks.

Friday, January 13, 2006


No, not today. We went on the 31st (since it was the last day we could) and I must say I was proud of myself for my restraint. That is, until we got to String - our last stop of the day.

I've become quite enamored with the Ene's Scarf that Cyn is working on (check it out if you haven't see it yet, just gorgeous work) so I caved in a bought some Helen's Lace in the Vera colorway to make one too.

And I got two skeins of Koigu for the Latifa scarf.

Considering my "record" I think I did quite well. And really, how could I pass on such lovely items when I knew starting the next day I would be cut off for quite a while.

Well, off to work on that afghan. Happy Knitting!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hot Lava

As opposed to cold lava...

My local girls have been asking me about Hot Lava a lot lately. Apparently I haven't been good about blogging about it at all and it's been on my list so long now I keep forgetting to share any news about it. The fact that I have no news to share is beside the point, right?

Since my progress has been so slow on it...

I thought I'd share some sightings in Blogland I've come across so you can see how fabulous it is going to be one day.

Dirty Purls finished hers the other day. I love the yarn she used.
GrrLeigh Knits finished a couple of months ago. Check out the luscious grape colorway on hers. Just gorgeous!
Bogie found a great funky button for hers.
And the first finished one I saw and inspiration for making one came from Superstarra-ville. Her's is just lovely.

I'm positive there are more finished ones out there. There is even a Hot Lava knit along. Now just to get it finished...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Out of the Blue

Quite a few people at work know I'm into knitting (but don't really get "why" - pity the poor non-knitters) and know I spend most of my free time knitting, talking about knitting, or hanging out with knitting friends. A week or two ago my boss asked me about the local knitting shops because a friend of his wife was interested in learning to knit. I told him about the many shops in this area and gave a couple of ideas for his friend. Little did I know he had ulterior motives.

Yesterday my boss handed me a congratulatory card for graduating last month. Inside the card was a gift certificate to one of my favorite LYS. How cool is that?!! No, I haven't spent it yet. ;D

Monday, January 09, 2006


I made some good progress on the afghan for my sister over this weekend. The rows are long but varied enough to keep my attention easily. I'm working all seven squares on the first row at the same time. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, of course but I'm pretty happy with the decision. Here are some almost decent pictures of the three different patterns in the first row. I'm just over halfway done with this row of squres.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

We've got an FO down

FO down over here.

Peacocks pride is finished and blocking. I'm very happy to report it turned out nicely. I'll be shuttling it off to the far reaches of the world (relativly speaking of course) shortly where I sincerely hope my Scarf Exchange Pal will adore it and wear it often.

And a nice closeup. I love the color varigation in this scarf.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

LYS Tote

I feel very fortunate to live in an area that has such a variety of LYS. There are three I used to shop at on a regular basis (only "used to" because of the stash-along thing) and at least six I can think of off the top of my head that are close to where I work or live. I personally feel it's a waste to live in an area like this and not take advantage of the variety and selection that each of the different shops has to offer. There are those that disagree and are almost violently loyal to a single shop. Their loss. Anyway...

That being said I also think it's rude to take a project into a store to knit on that is being made with materials that were bought at a competitors store. This is just a personal thing for me, I don't think most of the shop owners really give two hoots since I'm a regular customer anyway. While knitting with someone else's stuff is bad enough, I was thoroughly embarrassed the other day when I was asked to bring in one of my projects because the shop owner wanted to look at it and it was in a competitors store bag. Nobody mentioned it but I'm certain they noticed and I felt embarrassed by it. It's probably silly but that is beside the point.

So, the point for this whole story is that I went fabric shopping yesterday and made a tote to carry around my lunch project so that I won't have to deal with that again. And also because I joined the Tote-along and wanted to sew a new tote anyway.

I bought this book and some fabric and went to town with the sewing machine. I highly recommend this book. I find that if I'm given a pattern I want to follow it since someone (that should know more than me about what I'm doing) took the time to create it. This book is not a step by step kind of book. They provide general instruction for seven basic bag patterns, the examples show variations on the theme and cover what was done differently. It's inspiring to see how easily a bag can be created and how much easier it is to make it unique. It forces you to stretch your thinking instead of just creating a duplicate of someone else's work. Gushed enough? Ok.

The bag pattern I picked was the Tote. I decided to change the handles and the bottom (square instead of oval) and really like how it turned out. Sewing the bottom in was a bear since I had to turn 90 degree corners (I'm sure somebody out there has a hint that would make this easier next time... Someone? Anyone?).

My handles are a bit crooked but I'll figure that out some other time (or it'll become a "signature").

The lining is just some fabric I had in my stash (yes I have a stash of fabric too but it doesn't compare to the yarn - nor will I allow it to get anywhere near that big). The handles were also in my stash from a bag I made quite a while back and somehow ended up with two sets of handles for.

All in all I really like the bag. I may do a bit of tweaking here and there but it's the perfect size for my lunchtime knitting (which right now is my Fair Isle Jazz). With all this sewing going on I didn't manage to cast on for my Philosophers Wool sweater yet but it'll be ok. Maybe I'll get around to that tonight. Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Playing Along

I noticed this morning how darned many "Alongs" I belong to. It's getting a little nuts over there on the sidebar. I've decided to remove a couple of them as I either decided not to do the project that would have been part of the along (Fall is for Cables) or because I could be a member for the next few years (Scarf Style and Wrap Style Alongs). This leaves only the ones I'm activly working toward and posting on. Nice little clean up for the new year. Now just to finish the projects I'm working on for them. The Tote Along is actually finished but I'll have to share that with you tomorrow. For now, Happy Knitting!

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Happy New Year all!! I've made a few minor resolutions (and one major one) for this upcoming year and thought I'd share. Why, I'm not certain as it will only arm you with lots of ammunition in the upcoming year to tease me when I don't succeed with them. You'll keep me honest I'm sure.

*Make an afghan for my sister as a wedding gift. I already have the yarn due to the hugemongus order from Knit Picks which conveniently arrived yesterday so I can show you a picture of it now -

I cast on for this puppy this morning so I feel pretty confident I'll be able to finish by May.

*Make a fair isle sweater. I picked the philosophers wool Killum jacket and thanks to a couple of local KALs also feel fairly confident I'll get this finished this year. I intend on having the first sleeve done by the end of this month. I got the kit as a gift from my DH for Christmas

and spent most of the morning winding everything into balls. I intend on casting on this evening.

*Get my WIP list down to no duplicate projects (only one scarf, one sweater, one hat, etc). I don't care too much if it's long but I don't want three scarves going at once or anything.

*Start being more conscious of the knitting patterns I already own. I have a lot of yarn bought for a lot of projects. All of these are in pattern books I already own and I feel the need to make them. Also, I want to be more conscious of making at least one project from each of the knitting books I already own. This is more of an ongoing "change" than something I expect to finish this year.

*And the biggie - No buying yarn all year, with the exception of Estes Park Wool Festival purchases. I joined the Stash Along and think that working in three month intervals will make it easier, as will the fact that many of my local enablers are joining along too. After March there are only a couple of us that will still be abstaining. This one will be my toughest but I think the most worthwhile. I have finished the photo documentation of the full stash and hope to slowly start moving those photos out of that set as they become FOs.

Can't wait to see everyone's plans for this year. It's going to be a good one. I can tell already.