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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Charlotte's Dilemma

So, like I said yesterday I need your help figuring out which colorway to use for my Charlotte's Web. I've got three options I like.

There's the blue and pink version

There's the greens version (I call it that because all of the skeins have streaks of olive green in each)

And the blues version

Argh. I like em all. What do you think? See the Poll on the sidebar...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Koigu Temptations

Ok. For the record. This is totally Stacey's fault. DH would say it has more to do with willpower but as this is my story we'll be placing blame elsewhere. Stacey's post yesterday about the beautiful and now very prettily organized selection of Koigu at one of our LYS prompted me to visit over my lunch break today. I think my Koigu stash tripled...

My initial thought with these was a Charlotte but once I got home and played with some combinations I'm torn over which combo to use. I will need your help with that gentle reader.

These sweet ones were picked up because they are purty. And orange. Well, two of them are at any rate.

We can let Stacey off the hook for this last one. I believe it shares blame between Cyn, Wanda, and Kim who have both talked incessantly about this yarn and this particular colorway that I had to snag one when I saw it. It's so pretty knit up. Check it out.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Free Stuff

How does one person get so lucky with the free stuff. I mean really? My friend from work's wife decided to do a little more house cleaning. Hooray!! I got a garbage bag full of yarn. Some of which will end up as a Green Gable (isn't that such a cute pattern - and the timing couldn't have been better). There are quite a few bright ones between this batch and the last. I'm thinking a Rambling Rows afghan for another future kiddo.

More wool for felting. I love how much black she's given.

And a bunch of random yarns. Most feel cotton. They Kroy feels nice and I've always heard good things about it. And two balls of trekking. Looks like DH might be getting some socks (or mittens or a hat - I mean, let's be realistic).

Monday, April 24, 2006

Weekend Long Satchel

Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with designs stitched in strands of thread or yarn using a needle (from Wikipedia). I think I'll stick to knitting from here on out. Though it turned out nice I think.

For giggles I made a slideshow of the different stages of the embroidery. Hope you enjoy it!
View slideshow
(LOVE those Flickr Toys!)

Friday, April 21, 2006

The ABCs of Me

A is for Age: I like my wine older than my cheese and my hubby younger than me.
B is for Booze: I love a good red wine and wheat beers but that's about the extent of it.
C is for Career: Computer geek, security geek, marketing
D is for Dad's Name: James but, like all his brothers, he goes by his middle name of Frank.
E is for Essential Item to Bring to a Party: Food (I love the tradition of bringing flowers -something I picked up when I lived in Germany but am not very good about it)
F is for Favorite Song at the Moment: Fly by Adrina Thorpe
G is for Goof-off Thing to Do: Sit at the LYS and knit when I should be cleaning or working
H is for Hometown: I moved around too much to pick just one. There's Milton, Florida where my folks live. Or there is Aurora, Colorado where I live now.
I is for Instrument You Play: Um, this should be "played" but I used to be pretty good at the piano. I played the violin briefly but, while I love to listen to them, I never got the knack of playing one.
J is for Jam or Jelly you Like: Strawberry (just about any brand)
K is for Kids: Nope though I'm hoping for a bunch of nieces and nephews one day (NO RUSH ladies!)
L is for Living Arrangement: House that I love until it's time to clean it. Then I think a smaller space would be good...
M is for Mom's Name: Lorna, just like the cookies
N is for Names of Good Friends: Gretchen, Heather, and all my knitting grrls
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: None thankfully
P is for Pets: One Tamiflague (a.k.a. cat)
Q is for Quotes you Like: We must not allow other people's limited perceptions define us
R is for Relationship That Lasted Longest: Current DH
S is for Siblings: One most wonderful sister. I've also inherited three lovely sisters in law and a brother in law. Wow.
T is for Texas: Not too fond of the Texas. I think I saw too much of it when I lived in New Mexico and had to drive 13 hours of the 23 hour drive home through Texas. I always seem to get a speeding ticket when I drove through there. I did live in San Antonio twice though.
U is for Unique Trait: Lived in Berlin Germany when the Wall was still up. I think it gave me a unique perspective on freedom (compared with the general population anyway)
V is for Vegetables You Love: Tie between green beans and asparagus
W is for Worst Traits: Can come across as a know-it-all or stuck up when I first meet people
X is for X-Rays you've Had: Everything except my head and legs. (I'm sure head will be scanned soon if they see my stash post...)
Y is for Yummy Food You Make: Stuffed bell peppers, scones, dump cake
Z is for Zodiac Sign: Libra

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Big & Cozy

Still going....

I have to say that even though I'm only just now catching up to where I already was I'm very happy about my decision to frog and restart this puppy. I should be able to finished up the second column tonight and start the third. It's so much easier to work on like this and more addicting. I'm usually to get through at least half of a square every night and if I don't work on anything else I can crank through a whole one and into another. Thanks, Amy, for the suggestion. It's making my life easier for certain.

They call me mellow yellow

Though from the lack of yellow I could find around the house I don't know if it's appropriate.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Not a new craft

I love it that knitting is not a new craft. While I was down south I got to spend some time with DH grandmother. It's a thrill to me to be able to spend time with any grandparents as I have none left (I was 17 when my last grandparent left this world). DH grandmother, a.k.a. GMH for Grand Ma H *isn't that cute*, was sweet enough to bring me some old patterns that belonged to a friend of hers. She knew I love to knit and her friend can no longer knit and wanted someone that would enjoy them to have them.

Many of the patterns are crochet but there were some really cute pattern, particularly in the book below.

I love the jacket on this page, though all the poses the models in the book use really make me laugh. I think one of my favorite things about vintage patterns is it really brings into focus the differences in the time. Models from this timeframe always make me think of classy women and generic barbie dolls (I know, it's a very weird combination).

And both of these sweaters are cute. I would even make the orange one (though I doubt I'd use orange to do it).

Don't get me wrong, not everything was cute. Some was downright funny. I was double dared me to make this argyle for DH but it would ever happen. Have you ever heard Franklin's essay on Knitting for Love? I think I'd reserve this baby for something to knit dislike into.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Circle of Trust

I don't remember where I read this or I'd send you over there but for all folks wanting to make that gorgeous Sunrise Circle jacket in the latest Interweave Knits, the designer recommends a heavier weight of yarn (Aran or heavy worsted) even though the gauge would lead you to believe that a DK weight would work. The reason for this was that you want the fabric to be stiff so that it will hold it's shape. If you use a lighter yarn you'll end up with a floppy front edge and won't get the same effect.

Thankfully I saw this note before I saw that Jimmy Beans Wool had some lovely silk/wool blend yarn on sale. Hooray for sales. I bought a bag that is a beautiful tweedy teal.

Good ol' Jimmy also had some Katia Jamaica on sale and I've been coveting that boatneck t-shirt Wendy made last year since I saw hers so I got some of that as well. It's quite a bit brighter than I thought it would be but I'll give it a shot. If I hate it I'll have to figure out how to overdye it it or wash it out. I like playing with that stuff anyway.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Little bit of Knittin'

For the first, and probably only, time I was able to be realistic about how much knitting I would get done on my recent family visit. I only brought one project, though I did bring all the yarn for it like somehow I'd manage to finish the whole thing in between all the running errands and decorating and other good-bridesmaid activities I'd be doing.
I decided that this event called for a new project. Not that I really need an excuse to cast on or anything...
I started the ever-so-lovely Noro Shrug during the knitting retreat which has been the project of choice lately in my little corner of the Mile High city. I've actually gotten quite far on it as it's fairly mindless and sooo pretty. This was the yarn that tempted me away from the stash-along so I'm very pleased that I still like it as much as I do. Guilt tends to make me less fond of things but it hasn't dampened my adoration at all.

I love this photo even though you can't see how far I've gotten. It really shows off the colors. Yummy!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Weekend Madness

Yet another crazy eventful weekend. This past one was spent in Auburn, Alabama for my SILs wedding. She was a lovely bride and I sincerly hope she and her new hubby are having a great honeymoon and will love being married.
I also had the pleasure of meeting my new niece and nephew. Another SIL got married last year and her hubby had a couple of adorable and very energy filled youngsters. They were a treat, though it did bring to my attention how little time I spend amongst little people. How do they have so much energy anyway??

S gave the pirate hat a good test drive. She was a bit disappointed it wasn't for her though. Her big brother watched from the sidelines.

He did get quite excited when it was time for him to be the ring bearer though. Aren't they all so handsome?

I did get a bit on knitting done and some great vintage pattern books but I'll show you those tomorrow. Happy Knitting all!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


This past weekend was fabulous. I highly recommend that if you ever get the opportunity to attend a knitting retreat (or even just a weekend out with the grrls to knit and veg) that you take it. As Cyn and Stacey already mentioned, we went prepared.
I still can't get over the view from the B&B. It was such a beautiful place. I'm very tempted to run out and open a B&B of my own if I get a view like this. I'll have to open a yarn store in the basement and cater to knitting retreats. This all sounds like a great plan to me. Now, to work on the DH... :D

From the front porch

And from the back porch

Great people. Great view. Tons of knitting. And of course some yarn aquisitions. Can't forget to mention those can I? BTW, we determined that the stash will always be there as we are all collectors. Before yarn it was books. At least yarn isn't as heavy right?

Starting in the top left there is some Shelridge Farm yarn that I got when we did the "grab bag of prizes". It's tough to pick out the "yarn shaped" presents but I managed. *grin*. Then we have Karabella Aurora 8 in a dark olive to make that AWESOME sweater the Yarn Harlot just blogged about from Inspired Cable Knits (the one with the drawstrings). She has some great photos on her blog. There is a bag behind the Karabella (one of those clear plastic ones with three different sizes - a gift from the retreat). The next bag contains the kit we bought to make the Blue Jeans Purse from Black Water Abbey (very cute small purse and one of the classes we had at the retreat- I also ordered the kit for the Knitted Fair Isle Tote Bag) in a colorway I put together. It was alot of fun to play with the different color options. Next up are four skeins of Frog Tree for a scarf of some sort. Hidden under those is a skein of Opal sock yarn in the same color as the Frog Tree. I'm starting to see a trend with the greens. Knitting on the Road - GREAT sock book. There are also some very cute cards with sheep on them. Oh, there's a candle I couldn't pass up. It smells wonderful. Um, that should be it. All said and done it was a most wonderful weekend. This post is getting too long so I'll show you all the knitting I got done in the next post. Have a great one!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Stash Flashin'

This is the small plastic bin I've been keeping "overflow" in. Now it houses my WIPs in the top bin, my non-feltable leftovers in the middle bin, and my feltable leftovers in the bottom bin.

This is a mid-sized shelf. I've got wools on the right, wool cottons in the middle, cottons toward the left, and nylon/acrylic/whatever on the far left.

This is all wool baby. It started with just Cascade 220 and Lambs Pride but grew into much much more. I love sitting in my loft now.

Cute container to keep straights together.

Leftover baby yarns. There's also some tweed on a cone and a kit for the Tapestry Garden caplet in Wrap Style. Yummy! You can see my knitting library directly underneath it.

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