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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Something in the air

There must be something in the air. I also decided to move, though I'm sticking with Blogger. I can now be found over here. Hope to see you there!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Whew. I survived. My pocket book even survived. The Estes Park Wool Festival has to be one of the more enjoyable events of my year. I love it not only because it's a great excuse to hang out with friends

but also because festival itself is a great place to find those fibers you don't see on a regular basis.

And since I don't keep any of these guys in my backyard it's nice to see and appreciate where it all starts...

I was really proud of myself this year. Not only did I stay in budget, but I had enough left over to buy lunch with what I'd allocated. I know. It's almost weird. I did pick up some lovely things while there though.

Just kidding!! This is all of our yarn. After lunch we decided a "haul" picture was in order. I believe this conglomeration belongs to me, Stacey, Cynthia, Jeni, and Wanda. Nachele was going to add hers but was afraid it would break the bit of plastic we had loaded up.

I did bring home these though.

Brooks Farm Yarn Harmony (a wool/silk blend) that is destined for something lacy. Maybe.

A cashmere, merino, manmade (that's what the tag says. I wonder what "manmade" actually is...) blend lace weight that is destined to wait in the stash until I'm a bit more comfortable with the teeny tiny yarns. And a sport weight skein from Plain and Fancy. So pretty.

Interlacements got me again. I picked up some silk roving to make some more of that silk paper. I really enjoyed that and think it'd be really neat on the wall in the living room. I also picked up two skeins of tiny toes. So pretty...

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Here's one I haven't seen yet. I came across it on Stephanies site and have to say it was more challenging than I thought it might be.

10 Things that start with the letter P

Peaunt Butter. I love this stuff but not nearly as much as my DH does. We go through creamy peanut butter (his) twice as fast as the super extra crunchy (mine).

Puddy Tat. Isn't she a cute one?

Patty P. Pig. When I was a kid I loved pigs. I think it started with Charlottes Web if I remember correctly. I'm still quite fond of them actually. This little hand puppet was carried with me nearly everywhere and was part of our little family. It was the comedy relief on long trips and I'd entertain my little sister with it nearly every day. Interesting really, how movement can make something more real.

Pickle. I actually prefer the sweet variety to the dill. Particularly with hot dogs.


6. Purple

7. PBS. Sesame Street, Electric Company, Reading Rainbow... Man I loved that channel...

8. Paper. Probably my second favorite medium (fiber would be the first if you were wondering... but you wouln't have any doubt of that I'm sure). I never really got into scrapbooking but I've always enjoyed drawing, note cards, and for some odd reason love to collect journals (though I rarely write in them for that purpose).

9. Pink

Punkin - Me. My nickname since I can remember has been Punkin.

Wanna play?? Pick a letter and have fun!

Friday, June 16, 2006


I got a bit more blocking done the other day than just the lace samples. I also managed to get Ameile blocked. Unfortunately for Ameile it'll have to be ripped out. At least the back will. I knew my gauge was a little bit off but this is ridiculous.

Especially when the front has a fabric this dense

So I think I'll make the next size up and it should block out perfectly to the size I want it to be. I made the fronts one size up and really like how they turned out. Thankfully the sleeves (which I've already gotten a couple of inches into) should be fine.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


As Cyn mentioned the other day, she, Wanda, Joanne (she's got some great pictures of some of the lace samples in her post from the 10th. Go check it out. I'll wait here.), and I were in a lace class this past weekend taught by none other than Nancy Bush. She was a delightful teacher and I'd jump at the chance to take another class from her any day. I particularly enjoyed all the history we got about Estonia. Fitting for an Estonian lace class, no?

Since it's been covered so well already I thought I'd wait until I could show off the sampler in full blocking action. I'll have to apologize now. While having a checkered pattern on my blocking board is exceptionally useful for blocking purposes, it makes for less than ideal lace blocking pictures. But here you have it anyway. Tah-dah. (Sorry, Cyn, yours is blocking but the picture really didn't come out).

Click for big

Another very entertaining part of class came from these little guys that kept peeking their heads around any of the closed mini blinds.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Kit Has Arrived

Hooray!! I finally got my Interlacements Afghan kit the other day. I say finally only because I was dying to see how the dying went. Heehee. I'm so pleased with the colorways that we made. First let me show you the picture of the finished afghan that came with the pattern. Sooo pretty...

See it at flickr

Most of that beautiful red is a boucle yarn and the bright blue is a ribbon yarn very similar to Trendsetter Segue. The ribbon is knit in a crisscross pattern giving large patches of x that really give some interest to the design. Lots of texture and beautiful colors. Fun!

And here are the colors my afghan will be (one day). I think this may be the next afghan on the list though. It's fairly large when it is finished. A few of the yarns are held together (like the cotton ribbon - the only one with pink - and one of the mohairs).

Interlacements Afghan

Reading the picture clockwise we have a thick and thin wool, boucle, cotton, mohair, mohair, and ribbon. The afghan should end up primarily the colors of the ribbon and the boucle - not that any of my colorways are all that different.

There are four different colorways above. I love how differently the colorway can look just based on the yarn it's dyed into. The ribbon and boucle are the same colorway but look quite different just based on how the yarn took the dye. The thick and thin and mohair in the bottom right corner are also the same colorway. They seem a little more apparent to me though.

Judy, one of the Interlacement owners, was talking about a class she teaches about color where she has her students pick two (if I remember correctly) skeins of yarn they like the colors of and two they don't like. During the class she has them knitting with all four and inevitably by the end of class the students discover they like the colorways they originally didn't like. It sounds like a neat class and a fun way to play with color and color combinations.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Crawling around in Ft. Collins

Cynthia needed to head up to Ft. Collins/Loveland to Interweave Press to pick up a couple of books she had ordered. So (of course) she needed company. And (naturally) if we were going up there we were going to stop by a couple of the yarn shops in the area. So I took Wednesday off from work and went on a yarn crawl up north. Aside from the interesting driving situation (we got lost before each and every shop - figure we could have found one based on Yahoo directions, but no...) it was a great day. I love the area up there and I almost never get to go.

I've notice many knitters, particularly some friends of mine, that always buy a skein of yarn or a bag when out of town at a yarn shop. I've decided I collect enough yarn without going out of town and don't really need another excuse to buy more yarn but I'd like something to remember a shop by, particularly if I don't think I'll make it back. So I've settled on buttons. I love buttons, and each shop seems to carry at least one I've never seen elsewhere. It works.

The first place we stopped was Lambspun. We would have found it right off the bat, but Cyn and I were concentrating on where we needed to turn and not on the fact that Lambspun was on the corner of where we were turning and we ended up on a little tour of Ft. Collins. It's a beautiful shop and I'd highly recommend it to anyone in the area. Every time I thought I saw everything I noticed there was another room full of more stuff.

See it at flickr

The bamboo above is from my stash and will be what is leftover after the Lotus tank is done. I loved the scribble shawl and never thought to use ribbon instead of some bulky yarn until I saw the Mason Dixon book. So the Trendsetter Segue will go with my bamboo for a lovely shawl. I also picked up two buttons that you can see a bit better in the picture below.

Next up was My Sister Knits. A brand new shop and one we had a tough time finding, mostly because Sister was the only part of the name I was sure of. Very cute place though a bit odd because it's in a carriage house behind a regular house. We almost walked in the front door of the regular house before we notice the sign around the side. Oops. Still. Lovely people and beautiful yarn. And a cute button of course.

Next up was Woolen Treasures. We discovered that Loveland (a very lovely town) has multiple fourth streets. The one we found first lead us out to a very rural area and nearly dirt road. Wrong one. Sigh. We found it eventually of course.

The teal button give the appearance of wood with bark along the outside. They have quite a few different colors and I had a terrible time deciding which to get. The lime green, orange, and cranberry ones really called to me as well but I didn't want to get carried away. And my favorite find of the day is that horseshoe shawl pin made from copper and sitting there on top of some new needles. A local fellow makes them and they are simply beautiful. The pin goes through the shawl then slides in between the small slit he's created, then you twist the body of the pin around so that it stays in place. Just lovely.

And the last stop of the day was one of our LYS that I never seem to make it to. It's the Lamb Shoppe (another new one - in downtown Denver). This stop was more for my benefit so I didn't have to battle rush hour traffic home. I know. It's a semi-lame excuse. But it worked for me.

See it at flickr

I couldn't walk away from this skein of Cherry Tree Hill (what is it about this stuff??) and I decided to get a few more skeins of Nashua Jane as I like a cardigan pattern better than the tank top pattern I originally bought the yarn for.

Not too shabby for one day's work wouldn't you say?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Sittin' Here Knittin'

Before I really shame myself fessing up about recent yarn acquisitions I thought it might be best to brag about the actual knitting I've been getting done.

This would be the Tank Girl Tank that I recently restarted. I had started it last summer but we hit a cold snap and I just didn't manage to keep it going.

See it at flickr

It's a really quick knit and I think it'll be really cute when it's finished so I hope to get to that point very soon.

You've seen this recently.

See it at flickr

Remember how I said I had to finish one of these before I'd let myself start something else. Well, I've never been all that good about keeping commitments like that so I'm sure this won't surprise you.

See it at flickr

Sorry for the fuzz there folks. This pretty thing will one day grow up to be the Knitting Tote from Berroco. I fell in love with this colorway of the Suede Tri-color (they call it Agave Cactus) and determined that I must make this bag from it. I'm so thrilled at how it is striping. I get just about two full rounds of each color before it changes. Just enough I think, and so much easier than trying to create the stripes myself.

Here's one you haven't seen in a while. It's the Ruffle Lace Cardigan from Adrienne Vittadini. I really hope that significant stripe I can see is part of the pattern. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I didn't start on the wrong row when I picked this back up from the WIP pile.

See it at flickr

And finally we have Big and Cozy updates.

See it at flickr

FINALLY on met the halfway mark. Hooray!! It's been too hot lately to even think about knitting on this puppy but every time we dip down into the 70s I get going on it again, even if it's just a couple of rows. I really really want to finish this kinda soon. I am starting to feel overwhelmed with the knitting-for-others I've committed myself to.

Hope everyone has a happy knitterly weekend. Don't forget Saturday is Knit In Public day. Get out there with those sticks and show 'em all how it's done!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fessing Up

I know you guys know me too well now to believe I went *all* the way down to Colorado Springs and returned home with just some silk paper... So I'll fess up.

See it at flickr

This is a beaded scarf kit. I wish I had a picture of the finished item to share but I didn't think to take one. It's a beautiful scarf and I just fell in love with this colorway so I decided what the hey.

I finally got around to taking a picture of the silk paper I made so I could show you a finished one. I love love love it.

See it at flickr

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Almost Knitting

So what was that almost knitting thing I mentioned yesterday? One of the LYS here in town made arrangements for a group of us to go down to Interlacements and dye afghan kits. Exceptionally cool. Er, hot actually. But very neat either way. Judy and Clay, the owners, walked us through the process and then supervised while we created havoc, and pretty yarn.

I got to play the mad scientist type and mix the dyes. Mwahhhahahaha.

See it at flickr

I'm seriously excited about how this will turn out. We dyed 6 different colorways and 4 different types of wool (ribbon, mohair, thick and thin, and boucle). Clay will be dying the skeins of cotton that goes into the kit. The afghan itself reminds me quite a bit of the Abfab kits by Colinette. Beautiful colors and soooo fun. We managed to get all the wool dyed before we left but some of it was still cooking and none of it was dry so I'll get to see the whole kit later this week. Here are two of the colorways drying.

See it at flickr

The skein at the middle bottom of the picture is one that gets put on the bottom of the pot while the rest of it dyes. It doesn't match any of the colorways but was beautiful anyway. I'm hoping to come across it at Estes next week.

We were a large group (16 total) and so Judy showed one group how to make silk paper while we were dying yarn with Clay. Then in the afternoon we swapped out. This silk paper stuff was totally cool!

See it at flickr

That's Carol in the photo there. She is very artistic and was so much fun to meet. The two "papers" are at the bottom of the photo are ready to be set. It's so simple. Just a bit of tulle, three layers of silk roving, some sort of fun novelty, and another bit of tulle. Then you soak it in wallpaper glue. And ta dah! Gooey, sticky, mess that dries into a beautiful paper (and then you peel the tulle off). Anybody else interested in making some? I totally want more! BTW, mines the third one back on the front row.

See it at flickr

Monday, June 05, 2006

Lotus Bloom

What a most excellent weekend! It had much knitting and even something a little something knitting related but off by *this* much...

First the direct knitting.
I got to spend Friday evening with my knitting pals. I love that knitting group. It's such a great group of ladies and the place we meet is so tolerable of our noisy joviality (even though it's a book store).

I spent the evening getting through the lace part of the Lotus Blossom Tank. I love how this bamboo is knitting up. If you've ever had the chance to knit with this but passed on it I highly encourage you to reconsider. Beautiful stuff. The fabric drapes so nicely. The solid colors are gorgeous too if you aren't into variegated yarns. Here's a nice close up of the lace pattern (please ignore any mistakes you may spot... I'm denying their existence anyway).

See it at flickr

And the progress to date. As might be expected the stockinette is going much slower than the lace pattern was. It makes good knit group knitting now though.

See it at flickr

I just wish it was done as I'm still obsessing over starting a few new projects. Imagine that.

Friday, June 02, 2006

What's Next

So, I've finished two things and haven't cast on anything new yet? What is going on??! Actually, I really want to finish up the Lotus Blossom Tank before I start anything else. And I've restarted the Tank Girl Tank I decided to make last year. But believe you me, as soon as I get done with the Lotus Blossom I'm starting this beauty.

It's the ever so lovely Cherry by the talented Amelia Raitte. I couldn't pass up on this little top. I even have the yarn in my stash already that I plan to use to make it. It'll be perfect at work. Can you tell I'm a bit excited about this?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pink and Feathered

I also managed to get the Pink Flamingo all finished this past weekend. It was a really fun knit but it was more fun seeing it finished.

Isn't she a cutie?

See it at flickr